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ISA HK/China --- Tree preservation in a Taiwan School (台北某中学的移樹工程)

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以下是几辑有关目前在台湾台北市某中学, 的民众抗命移樹的報导, 事情发人深省。





从技术角度來看, 所采用的修剪手法是国际标准禁用的 "去顶法" (Topping), 如此大面积的把樹冠剪掉, 不单创造了难以复原的巨大伤口, 也把树木制造食物 (光合作用) 的能力一并摧毁, 令根部进入饥饿壮态, 隨时招惹病虫害入侵。 由於树木不会自杀, 它唯有把仅藏在根系那一点点的养分也拿出來使用, 希望重新建立原有的树冠。 但由於这些都是老樹, 就好像老年人一样, 生命力非常有限, 别说要回复往日辉煌, 在剪後不死掉已算是一场造化了。

在移樹方面, 国际标准一般都要求土球的直径, 要在樹木的胸径的 8 倍以上; 而最少土球直径, 也要达到樹冠的滴水線以下, 否則只是徒勞無功。 其实正当的根系生长, 一般可以长出樹冠半径的 2-3 倍距离, 而移樹的土球, 普遍只能带走原來全根系的 10 % 以下的根。 如果土球尺寸不达标, 没有足夠根系, 移植後的老树一般很难恢复, 健康只会一直走下坡, 甚麽包札、打營养液等等, 只能做個样而矣。

可能台湾目前最需要的, 就是赶快的培养出第一批有理论、能实战的樹艺师, 为其本土的樹木服务。 不然的话, 还是樹艺行业那句老话, "由大自然去决定成败, 而不是由我和您 ! (Mother nature makes the rules)"


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“如果树木在设计和种植时犯错,其护养必然昂贵,而最终也会变成 "不定时炸弹" 。 ”

“速成出来的树木评估员, 只能作出低质量的猜測。 大自然会决定成败。 ”

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Dear Station Members,

Below are several counts of media reports in Taiwan in Mandarin, about how a group of Tree Lovers staying on trees for a continuous 30 hours, resisting the transplantation of their mature trees. The incident is still on-going.





What appeared to offend the Tree Lovers in the way of the transplantation, is that the trees were heavily topped. Although they did not know for sure the consequences of topping, they would regard it as harmful & brutal. These Tree Lovers are correct in every bit.

On the other hand, what the Tree Lovers did not quite realize, would be the undersizing of the rootball of the transplanted trees. The rootballs appeared to be much less than the required size of reaching to the drip line. For a tree of this size, if the rootball is to be made correctly to the canopy drip line, some very special equipment may be necessarily deployed for the lifting & transporting. The cost will be sky high. We also need to know whether the road system would allow such over-sized lorries to move about to their destination. The issue may cause inconveniences to the public.

Therefore, the trees have been heavily topped & the rootball much undersized for the sake of convenience. Some Epicormic sprouting would appear in the canopy, & the contractor would call it a sign of recovery. Would any qualified Arborist agree to that?

Does Taiwan now want to begin Modern Arboriculture to care & protect their precious trees?

best regards,

Sammy Au
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"Providing treatment without in-depth diagnosis & research support is professional misconduct. "

"Casual tree assessor delivers wanton tree assessment. Mother Nature makes the rules."