Thursday, December 29, 2011

ISA HK/China --- Annual Dinner 2011(2011 周年晚宴)

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本分会的2011年周年晚宴已成功的在12月17日晚上举行, 本来予定的16桌 (每桌12人) 的门票, 几天之内卖光后又被热心会员们苦心追加, 也有说收不到通知而临时报到的, 加起来一共筵开18桌, 有些桌坐下13-14人, 结果无人介意, 乐也融融.

附会人仕从专家教授、中产精英到施工人员都有, 完全没有论资排辈, 没有谈官论贾, 人人平等开心的放松自我, 畅所欲言, 渡过一个温馨愉快的晚上.

附上的照片可以看到正副分会长们向嘉宾祝酒, 会员们兴高采烈的吃喝玩乐, 颁奖和抽奖的进行, 可以看到人们脸上的真挚笑容, 无拘但有礼的玩乐, 正确反映了会员们放松的另一面.

本分会是属於老百姓的学术机构, 它由人民组成, 也为人民服务, 没有官威霸气, 没有台阶架子, 这点由分会长们带头做起, 也是为何本分会不断拓大的原因. 本分会不收会费, 宽大包容的欢迎任何背景的人加入, 讨论的议题只有树木一个, 尊重科研标准, 遵从诚信专业, 令本分会不断壮大茁长.

今天在香港举办的年会, 希望日后能在国内举行. 本分会是负责整个中国地区的, 香港只不过是其中一个点. 目前 ISA 在香港的发展已经非常成熟, 是时候把资源投放到国内去了, 而本分会未来的主要任务也会尊注於此, 为祖国的绿化发展出一分力.

但愿有一天本分会的周年晚宴能在国内举行, 届时必然大事报导!



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Dear Station Members,

On Dec 17, 2011, ISA HK/China held our second Annual Dinner to bring together our Station Members & public for an informal gathering. This is a time where Station Members & supporters would come to share our views, exchange market information & formulate future policies.

We originally booked the largest room available in a Shatin restaurant at a cost bearable to us to house only 16 tables. Things did not work out as planned which can be common in some of our activities. A total of 18 tables were served at the end, with some tables having 13-14 person occupying, instead of the normal 12. Tickets were sold out within a week after the announcement, but we could not push away those who are our keen supporters, who came in with one reason or another not to book in time. ISA HK/China belongs to our supporters, & we are here serve them.

From the background of the attendees of the Annual Dinner, there were professors, landscapers, designers, businessmen, tree climbers, students & many other trades. All came to support ISA HK/China out of passion, without regard to formality or social ranking. Cheers & laughter were heard loud throughout the event. All genuinely enjoyed themselves in an atmosphere of relaxation. All were good hearts without pretence. It was a good group indeed.

Annual Dinner costs ISA HK/China money to run. We subsidized HK$200 per head during the 2010 dinner, & HK$100 per head in 2011. We paid the money out of the meager income of exam subsidies from ISA HQ. With now some of our money diverting to traveling to China, future Annual Dinners may need to be charged at cost. As from the response we have been getting, Station Members do not mind to pay, & would take it as a good opportunity to network in an oriental way.

Looking forward to seeing more of our Station Members coming to our Annual Dinner in the coming years. Also looking forward to doing the same in China some day.

best regards,

Sammy Au
President (Station Manager) of ISA HK/China
Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 (
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