Friday, July 5, 2013

CAA --- Tree Transplanting article in Chinese ("樹木移植的國際做法" 文章)

国内和台湾的朋友, 请查閱 以取得其他文章。 本会的发表文章已都放弃版权,  任何人都可以自由转载作为教育目的,  但不能作为商业目的盈利。  任何人都可以免費申请加入本会,  会员名单从不公开,  有意者请将真实姓名、年龄、单位、职衔、最高学历、电邮地址、和手机号, 电邮到, 或传真到 +852-2679-5338 便可.  本会发表的一切内容, 谨供参考。
本会近月来每天都在 “脸书” (Facebook) 上面发表有关树艺学的中文文章, 這些文章基本上反映了近期在台湾和国内, 有关树木种植采用的技术, 与国际之间的相比。  在文章里,  笔者不采用严谨的科学论文报导, 却选用简明轻松的手法写出, 把精要的知识部份, 以老少皆宜的文笔流露介绍出来, 以求人人明白, 大众同意。
由於时间问题, 这些文章在 “脸书” (Facebook) 上面, 都是每次只能写上一小段, 但几乎天天有写。   现在把它们拼凑起来, 可以变成一篇可供参考用的科普文章, 对行业发展, 非常有利。
本会踪横大中华地区多年, 在树艺行业发展方面, 感觉到目前本地区最需要的, 并非用外语写出的高深理论研究, 反而是用中文写出的基础树艺知识。  所謂 “万丈高楼从地起”, 如果连基础都打不好, 妄谈甚麼追欧赶美, 可能只是 “陪了夫人又折兵” 吧。  除香港以外, 目前本地区从事树艺工作又懂英语的人是少之又少, 用英语知识硬压上去, 可能只会弄巧成拙, 自讨没趣, 令对方难以接受。
中华树艺师学会全由华人领导,  全为本地人服务, 官方语言也是中文, 采用的知识技术则统是从国际方面传绎过来, 绝对洋为中用, 中外合壁。  本会将会继往开来, 宗旨目标不变, 不停不竭的为树艺行业发热发光, 亦确保本地人的利益优先, 不作任何组织机构的雇佣兵, 望各位会员继续支持, 感谢大家。
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Dear Station Members,
Attached is an article on Tree Transplanting written in traditional Chinese for our Chinese Station Members spread across the China Region including Taiwan.
Currently, about half our 2,300+ Station Members cannot understand English.  In Taiwan & China, only around 1% of the population can communicate with adequate English, & perhaps less than 1% of this English speaking population, are working in the landscape industry including Tree Work.  Our Station always insists that now is not the time to push advanced arboricultural knowledge into the China Region in English, but to introduce the basics in Chinese so that the general masses can understand & support.  What we have achieved in HK cannot represent the rest of our vast territory, because CAA is still working hard to debate the basics with the many academics in the China Region, to try to update their knowledge to the international level.  The road is long & hard.
The attached article is already published in the only national  “Green Newspaper” of China called the China Gardening News last week, to talk to their thousands of Landscape Bureaus & experts.  More of this kind of articles are being produced by CAA regularly to benefit the Tree Care Industry in China & Taiwan.  We have our many channels.
CAA will continue the work of ISA HK/China to promote proper tree care in the China Region.  We are happy to share this work with anyone who is genuinely helping us.
best regards,
Sammy Au
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