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ISA HK/China --- China Tree News (Landscape Corruption) 园林腐败

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随著国内不断的加大力度去打击各类贪腐案件, 园林界里面的不能见光的事情也被陆续续的暴露出来,以希望挽回一方净土。

附上的全国性 "特別报导", 描绘了园林界里面各种隐蔽的贪污手法,个中离不开是以权谋私,多方造假,同流合污等等手段;而其中又以购用大树去达到所谓 "即时效果", 和采用图纸图片去弄虚作假, 作为常见的贪腐工具。

大树古木并没有既定的市场价,要在里面造文章是最容易不过。 施工图纸图片所看到的尽是 "美丽"和"好看", 能通过皆因为缺乏公众的咨询和参与吧。

种上的大树古木能否长存久在,一般过了几年就会知道。 美丽的图纸是否真的能在现场表现出来, 把图纸图片拿到工地上一校对就马上看得出,所谓 "真金不怕红炉火" 吧。 时间就是最好的收货标准,好的选择要经得起时间的考验,如果能把验收时间拉长到五至十年,验收人员也包括作为第三方的公众人仕在内的话,哪恐怕任何人想弄虚作假,将是困难重重,如此一来,想贪腐的机会也会自然消失在萌芽之中。

世上无难事,只怕有心人。 国内会改变制度去容纳这种 "有心人' 吗? 大家希望拭目以待。


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“速成出来的树木评估员, 只能作出低质量的猜測。 大自然会决定成败。 ”

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Dear Station Members,

As China is cracking down on corruption in the govt system & commercial sectors, the China Gardening News (CGN) has recently issued a pile of "Special Reports" on corruption cases in the greenery industry as per attached. The CGN is the only national newspaper in greenery in China, & is read by every landscape bureau & major enterprises. It has the blessings of the highest authorities in China. Being a supporter of the greenery development in China & CGN, ISA HK/China is sharing this information with our Station Members.

From the description given, it can be seen that the insidious practices range from selling inside information, exaggerating quantities & sizes for planting, to favoritism in the tendering process. Such are practices not usually seen happening in the west. The administrative system in China varies vastly from the west, & the monitoring process biases heavily on personal decisions. Such are all encouraging the malpractices to grow in the industry.

Then does China not have "Committees" & "Task Force Groups" to monitor their contracting processes? Yes, they have many & plenty. However, even the best system in the world needs to be run by the right personnel. It is the human factor & failure of group supervision which have apparently let down the system.

As China is now getting tough on the malpractices in the greenery industry, those of us from outside should not interfere, & let things be straightened up by themselves internally. China traditionally detests outside interference. This is one golden rule that ISA HK/China bears in mind all the time. We want to be seen as friends lending a helping hand, not as a gossiper pointing fingers. What should not be said, is not said. This includes genuine advices.

May China resolve their issues in their own way, & we shall remain friends to them forever.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Founding President (Station Manager) of ISA HK/China
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