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ISA HK/China (Professionals) --- HK Tree News (Jailing Overseas Trainer for Illegal Employment 澳洲講者當黑工 判囚兩月)

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Dear Station Members,

The following newspaper cutting described how an Australian trainer coming to HK to deliver paid seminars, & was charged by the HK Immigration Dept for Illegal Employment. He was subsequently jailed for two months. It is also likely that he may never be allowed to enter HK again.

It is quite true that overseas trainers have been employed by Govt & Private Sectors in HK to deliver Arboricultural Training in the past few years. It is not sure how many of them have followed the Immigration Procedures of applying for a Working Visa as required by HK Immigration Laws. Details of this requirement can be downloaded from the HK Immigration Dept website of . Obviously, it will be a great embarrassment if the overseas trainer, or contractor working for a project, is caught without a Working Visa to work in HK. The punishment can be rather serious.

Generally speaking, only a person with a HKID or with a Working Visa is allowed to deliver anything of a commercial nature with an aim of making profit in HK. If not, there may be 3 Govt Dept paying interest to the event: 1) Immigration Dept for a Working Visa; 2) Labour Dept for compliance of safety & working conditions; & 3) Inland Revenue Dept for taxing any profit so made. In ISA HK/China, we are always aware of these requirements, & will avoid to break the local law. We intend to maintain a clean record of our working relationship with anybody. However, this may not be the case for some greenery institutes in HK.

Sharing information & learning from overseas experts are vital to the Arboricultural development in our territory. However, breaking the local law to get it may be too heavy a price to pay. It may be wiser to follow the proper procedures to comply with local regulations, if we are to sustain our development in the long run. For this, we shall be careful indeed.

best regards,

Sammy Au
President (Station Manager)
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事实上在过去几年,海外的导师曾受香港府及私人机构聘请进行树艺训练。不肯定的是他们有多少人是循香港移民法例的移民程序申请所需要的工作签证。详细概要可从香港移民局网页 下载。明显他,假若一位外国的导师或承判商因为没有工作签证在香港工作而被捕,这是何等尴尬的事。惩罚可能是十分严厉的。

一般而言,在香港任何人士只要拥有香港身份证或工作签证是容许进行商业运作去赚取利润。若非这样,政府的3个部门会关注此事: 1) 移民局会关注工作签证;2) 劳工处会关注是否遵守安全及工作条件;3) 税务局会关注盈利是否要交税。ISA中国地区分会时刻提防这些规定及避免触犯法例。保持一个清白的纪录是我们想要达到的。但对香港的一些绿化机构来说,可能不是这样呢。



顾问树艺师号 RCA#497 (
资深树艺师 / 注册攀树师号 HK-0174BT (
独立执业树艺师号 IPA-010908 (



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【本報訊】一名澳洲籍安全危機管理顧問來港舉辦培訓研討會,但未有申請工作簽證,被入境處揭發做「黑工」,違反逗留條件,昨在沙田裁判法院被判入 獄兩個月。

入境事務處發言人昨日稱,該處特遣隊人員於上月廿七日突擊搜查九龍窩打老道維景酒店的會議室,發現該名五十八歲男被告正在主持培訓研討會。他承認 於上月十七日獲准以旅客身份來港逗留九十天,並由上月十九日起舉辦培訓研討會,聲稱可於完成研討會後獲得相關酬勞。

據了解,被告是澳洲籍男子Herold Karl Gerd,他在澳洲任職安全危機管理顧問,月薪高達八萬元,本身有大學資歷。