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ISA HK/China --- ISA Tree Climbing in China (ISA 攀树在国内的报导)

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附上的报导, 介绍了 "香港 2011年度攀树锦标赛" 和 "ISA 的初级攀树技巧", 令国内的园林工作者有了新的启发.

在所有的园林学术知识当中, 只有 "树艺学" 一门需要接受攀树训练, 在西方国家的 "树艺师" 训练系统里, 攀树、溜缆和用锯 (指的是树上使用电油锯) 是必修科目, 因为不懂这三项基本工艺训练出来执业的树艺师, 在处理树木工作时, 可能会碰到以下的情况:

1. 不懂监督修树工作的进行, 因为连自己都不知道从何入手

2. 得不到施工人员的尊重, 被嘲为 "办公室树艺师"

3. 工序混乱, 费时失事, 缺乏施工效益, 也容易出事

很多西方国家都有自我认证攀树能力的标准, 其水平也是大同小异. ISA 的 "注册攀树师" 牌照是国际上认证树艺师攀树能力的一个测试标准, 也是 ISA 众多树艺牌照当中唯一可以使用当地语言作为考试的, 包括中文在内, 考的项目从50条选择题到半小时的树上攀爬, 是一项非常合适认证树上工作能力的国际标准, 在国内值得推广.

此外, 远东地区的 "康体攀树" 运动, 目前也发展得如火如荼; 在日本、台湾等地, 康体攀树每周都在进行, 政府和民间都非常支持.

希望 "工作攀树" 和 "康体攀树" 都能够在我国发展起来, 令城市里面的树木更安全, 参与的民众更健康.



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Dear Station Members,

Attached are recent articles published in a China national newspaper about the 2011 HK Tree Climbing Championship & Tree Climbing the ISA Way. These articles were written up by the Station Manger in Mandarin, based on the events of the HKTCC & the Certified Tree Worker testing procedures. At least 20 million landscapers in China would have access to this publication on this "Party Newspaper". ISA HK/China has promoted tree climbing in China to refer to ISA alone. What goes in first there would usually stay for a long time.

Like everywhere else, a lot of tree work in China requires tree climbing. Machines cannot reach many mature trees especially for those grown in the older parts of the cities where access is limited. The Station Manger has seen many tree defects left untouched in public places in China cities, because the maintenance party simply did not know how to get to them. There are now more than 600 cities in China, & their trees are getting bigger day by day. The China authorities are aware of this, & we are proposing tree climbing as their solution. Feedback has been good so far.

ISA HK/China will next advocate the Certified Tree Worker (CTW) credential to qualify tree workers in China. The CTW is the only ISA credential that can be tested in local language which includes Chinese. ISA HK/China has given more than a dozen CTW exams in HK already, with most in Chinese & only a handful in English. CTW credential will serve well the vast number of landscapers conducting tree work in China everyday, as they do not have an equivalent at present. In China, the level of recognition would go from international --> regional --> national --> provincial --> municipal. The CTW credential is international. To our brothers & sister, it is their best.

May China produce the first lot of tree climbers to join the world soonest, & may they appear in the Asia Pacific Tree Climbing Competition as well. ISA HK/China will definitely help them out on that.

best regards,

Sammy Au
President (Station Manager) of ISA HK/China
Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 (
Institute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists Accredited Member no. ACM 0412011 (
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist / Certified Tree Worker no. HK-0174BT (
Independent Practicing Arborist no. IPA-010908 (

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