Friday, July 19, 2013

CAA --- CGN's "Sammy Au on Arboriculture" ("中国花卉报" 的 "树艺专栏"报导)

国内和台湾的朋友, 请查閱 “脸书”Facebook (中华树艺师学会) 以取得其他文章。  本会的发表文章都已放弃版权,  任何人都可以自由转载作为教育目的,  但不能作为商业目的盈利。  任何人可以免費申请加入本会,  会员名单从不公开,  有意者请将真实姓名、年龄、单位、职衔、最高学历、电邮地址、和手机号, 电邮到, 或 传真到 +852-2679-5338 等待处理.  本会发表的一切内容谨供参考, 敬请留意。
本会很高兴的告诉大家, 大中华地区内最大和唯一的全国性园林花卉报刊, “中国花卉报”, 已在其珍贵的刊面里, 露出一个小窗口, 给 “中华树艺师学会” 作连续性的树艺知识报导 (见附件)。  这是大中华地区里面全国性的第一次, 也标志著 “树艺” 两个字, 正式被纳入了我国的园林系統里。
国内撰写树木知识的文章很多, 但以国际通行技术和先进地区标准的来写, 目前可能只有本会。  本会公布的文章, 通常包含了各类實用知识, 附以研究参考, 精辟到位, 實务可用。
目前, 本会长每天早上都花大概半个小时左右, 把树艺学里面实务有用的知识, 在 ‘脸书’ (Facebook --- 中华树艺师学会) 里作短文发表。  这些短文的写法, 可以在日后连扣在一起, 从而变成一篇连贯性的文章, 用来发表。  由於‘脸书’在国内看不到 , 所以文章在通过中国花卉报的精心修改后 (本会长的中文水平有限), 便可完整的出现在国内读者面前, 供作参考。
本会非常感谢中国花卉报对发展树艺行业的支持, 亦相信我们的文章, 可以对国内的树木护理知识有所添加补充, 从而令大中华地区的树木种植更健康、更安全、和更省錢。
谢谢大家 !
中华树艺师学会 会长
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“如果树木在设计和种植时犯错,其护养必然昂贵,而最终也会变成 "不定时炸弹"  
速成出来的树木评估员, 只能作出低质量的猜測。 大自然会决定成败。
*** Our weekly Station Mail is for the information of Station Members only, but Station Mail has given up copyright & can be freely circulated.  For administrative reasons, comments from outsiders are usually not entertained, & may be circulated within our system locally & overseas.  Anyone can join us by providing their full name, age, organization, position, highest education, email & mobile no. to .  Joining is free & withdrawal is at an email notice.  Station Membership is never publicly disclosed.  Please note that Station Mail is sometimes given in Blog at , or in Facebook (China Arborist Association), although images are usually not attached due to size.  All our information is for reference only without commitment or liabilities. ***
Dear Station Members,
CAA is extremely pleased to inform you that the only Greenery Newspaper of China on a national scale, namely the China Flower & Gardening News (CGN), has installed a new window in their weekly publication on an regular basis on Modern Arboriculture, to their millions of readers all across China.  This signifies the beginning of the Tree Care Education in an official capacity, as CGN is a “Party Newspaper” to be studied by every Landscape Bureau in China.  This will help the development of the Arborist Profession in China in a big way.
The column is called “Sammy Au on Arboriculture”, & is written in personally by the Station Manager (SM) in Mandarin (see attached).  The first lot of articles are on Tree Transplanting, & there will be more on other aspects of Modern Arboriculture, as the SM would conglomerate from his daily Facebook messages on Tree Care to form a publication to the CGN, maybe monthly.  The column is published in the name of CAA, to conform with the message rules.
From past experience, as CGN has taken the lead to publish our information on a national scale, local pirating of our messages will soon happen, because it will be politically safe.  CAA will allow & will be pleased to see this happening, because all our messages have given up copyrights for the sake of developing the Arborist Profession in our territory.  We would help anyone who goes our course, & ask them to join us.
CAA wishes to thank CGN for their appreciation of our work to benefit the Tree Planting in China.    In our work to them, we shall make a difference & help the trees in China, one step & one tree at a time. 
best regards,
Sammy Au
Founding President (Station Manager) of China Arborist Association & ISA HK/China  (
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"Providing treatment without in-depth diagnosis & research support is professional misconduct. "
"Casual tree assessor delivers wanton tree assessment.   Mother Nature makes the rules."