Thursday, March 5, 2009

ISA HK/China --- China Tree News (Instant Effect)


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Dear Station Members,

Attached is a recent article in a national newspaper in China commenting on the so-called 'Instant Effect' in their landscaping work. The contents in simplified Chinese is self-explanatory.

In our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China, the same attitude of 'Instant Effect' in landscape has existed for over 20 years already. Clients, especially those in property development, desire this 'Instant Effect' so that they can market off their sales for a rapid return of their investment. Then what is left behind after the construction would be the liabilities of the property management. This has led to conflicts between the two parties all the time.

ISA HK/China constantly receives complaints form Station Members in the contracting business & housing management to curse their Tree Planting as being unreasonable & short-sighted. We would advise them each time to discuss it with their supervising body or client, because such would be regarded as a contractual dispute rather than an academic interest.

On the other hand, if a tree is produced by the Containerized Method, i.e. inside a pot or bag for long period of time, & is to be used in landscape for 'Instant Effect', Girdling Roots would likely develop inside the container to strangle the trunk vessels in future. With Girdling Roots circling around the base of tree instead of spreading out radially for anchorage, the tree is also likely to topple in storm owing to being 'top heavy' when mature .

If a tree is to be planted in a 1m x 1m concrete planter where the roots can not escape out for radially anchorage, Girdling Roots would be induced to develop inside this planter to damage or topple the tree later.

If young trees are installed in a narrow planter without adequate spacing for an 'Instant Effect', these trees would be unlikely to grow healthily & be structurally safe when they become mature, owing to a lack of space. Just imagine your own residence of 4 persons will be required to house 4 families later. Would you have enough room & resources for good living?

It can be seen that Tree Planting is a long term investment & trees are not Lamp Posts because they grow. In reality, some trees in our cities would stay longer than the Lamp Posts if planted correctly. Now our brothers & sisters up north have awakened to respect this phenomenon & are beginning to question the wisdom of the so-called 'Instant Effect'. They begin to ask whether they are really spending their money worth for something 'good looking' at present. They begin to worry about the future by planting an apparent Time Bomb. In short, they have begun to re-think.

How would we react to the same in HK then?

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

"Trees are good for the community. Trees need care like human beings. Arborists are the Tree Care Professionals."