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ISA HK/China --- ISA Today on Jinhua visit ("今日 ISA " 对金华苗交会的全球报导)

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"今日ISA " 是 ISA 在全球发行给所有会员和公众人仕的定期刊物, 内容环绕著最新的树艺发展动态和科技知识, 以英语登出.

本分会有幸的被选中刊出我们在浙江金华的苗交会报导, 令全世界都知道 ISA 树艺知识, 已经初步与国内同行接触.

本分会目前能同时掌握基本树艺知识, 和能操流利普通话讲课的持牌树艺师可能不达五人, 这是本分会最大的弱点. 五人当中, 有攀树用锯树上溜缆经验和能力的树艺师暨攀树师, 又只有两人, 真的是少得可怜; 面对目前国内的庞大市场, 完全不成比例. 树艺师是 "树木医生", 如果不能攀树用锯, 就好像医生不懂临床做手术一样, 其公信力大减. 写报告方面需要累积多年的工作经验, 保持接触最新研究, 文笔流畅, 触觉敏锐, 方能写出好的报告; 一般需要五年以上的持牌功力和保持在市场上工作方可.

ISA 目前最逼切的就是要赶快培养出国内的第一代能攀树用锯写报告的树艺师教练, 然后再由他们把知识推广出去, 这些教练们又以年青大学毕业懂少许英语的为好, 学科不限, 活泼为主; 本分会长以前是工程专科毕业, 后来也成为全亚洲树艺牌照最高的树艺师, 所谓 "根正苗红" 这种古老思想, 可能应用不上在树艺行业吧.

希望树艺行业能够在国内发展起来, 让国内的树木种植更壮观、更安全、和更省钱.



顾问树艺师号 RAC#497 (
资深树艺师/注册攀树师号 HK-0174BT (
执业树艺师号 IPA-010908 (

“不深入诊断和参照研究来批出处方, 是专业失当。 ”

“速成出来的树木评估员, 只会作出胡乱的树木评估。 大自然会决定成败。 ”

*** Our weekly Station Mail is for the information of Station Members only, but Station Mail has given up copyright & can be freely circulated.  For administrative reasons, comments from outsiders are usually not entertained & may be circulated within our system locally & overseas.  Please note Station Mail is sometimes given in Blog at in English, although images are usually not attached due to size.  All our information is for reference only. ***

Dear Station Members,

Please kindly find the ISA Today's report on our seminar in China recently.

China has by now taken up great interest in developing modern arboriculture. ISA HK/China has convinced them that working with ISA is the right direction. On the other hand, there are very few arborists in HK who speak enough Mandarin to conduct quality training in China. There are even fewer of such arborists who possess adequate experience in climbing, rigging & report writing to meet China challenges. In China, they want to see results, & not credentials or academic qualifications. Starting ISA there with conferences & seminars like in the west may not work, simply because of the translation difficulties. Academics there also do not influence government policies as much as the hands-on people. It is indeed a different world up there.

China is a huge market that awaits exploration. ISA HK/China wants China to start up well. It is important for us to send up the right personnel to let the Chinese feel that we are genuinely helping them, & not pushing training & credentials to ask them align with the world. China is traditionally afraid of foreign intervention, even for their trees. Asserting too hard will invite resistance. Maintaining good relationship & perfect harmony would be the key.

ISA HK/China have the expertise, the experience & the knowledge to travel China. We speak the language, understand the culture, & can disappear into the crowd without public attention. We are one of them, & our fore fathers came from there.

ISA HK/China will become the bridge to link the ISA world with China. As for this, all our friends are welcomed to come work along with us. Patience would be a virtue.

best regards,

Sammy Au
President (Station Manager) of ISA HK/China
Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 (
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist / Certified Tree Worker no. HK-0174BT (
Independent Practicing Arborist no. IPA-010908 (

"Providing treatment without in-depth diagnosis & research support is professional misconduct. "

"Casual tree assessor delivers wanton tree assessment. Mother Nature makes the rules."

ISA�€ Best Management Practices Inspire Chinese Landscape Professionals

Sammy Au, station manager for ISA Hong Kong (HK)/China, was invited to speak at the October 2011 National Conference of Nursery Products in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province (Central China). This is a large conference that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from nearly every region in China.

Sammy presented a three-hour session on Tree Planting and Tree Pruning to ISA Best Management Practices. Proper tree care practices were completely new to his audience and ISA had been virtually unheard of in Central China before this presentation. Sammy explained tree planting and pruning techniques in simple terms in Mandarin Chinese using photo illustrations. He reported that the attendees were largely enthusiastic about the information they learned, and it whet their appetite for more. Audience members stayed long after the presentation to ask follow-up questions until security staff finally began turning off lights to usher them out. Sammy found their interest and desire for more knowledge to be very rewarding.

By introducing ISA and proper tree care practices at the conference, ISA HK/China station gained dozens of tree care professionals as new members. The new members, many of whom are researchers and senior landscape engineers, were encouraged to spread the word about ISA and Best Management Practices throughout China.

Sammy summed it up: Now ISA HK/China awaits more opportunities to promote ISA arboriculture into China. This is a social need for Chinese cities. Trees can be time bombs if not looked after well. ISA will improve the quality of living for our brothers and sisters with our tremendous research and educational abilities. It will be good for all in the end.

国际树木学会的 “最佳树木管理实践知识” 启发了中国园林工作专才

国际树木学会 中国地区分会的会长欧永森先生 (以下简称 S Au) 于本年十月被邀出席浙江省金华市的 ”2011中国苗木交易会” 作出演讲。 这个盛会集中了全国各地的同业翘楚。

S Au 在研讨论坛上发表了长达三小时的”园林苗木栽培与管理如何与国际接轨” 的议题。 对台下听众来说,国际树木护理知识是一个崭新的议题,他们亦未听闻过国际树木学会这个组织。 S Au 以普通话用简单的词语向他们讲解国际树木学会的园林苗木栽培的技巧,并辅以图片解释。 这次演讲题材引发出席者极大兴趣,更激起他们渴求得到更多知识的欲望。 当演讲完毕后,台下听众仍不断追问直至保安需用关灯来提醒他们离场。 他们对国际树木学会的树艺知识的热诚及追求, 使S Au感觉得到很大回报。

透过这次介绍国际树木学会和学会的科学化树木护理实践知识,国际树木学会 中国地区分会 获得数十个园林工作专才加入会籍。 他们将协助本分会向中国各地推介国际树木学会及其最佳树木管理实践知识。

S Au 总结谓,国际树木学会 中国地区分会 正在等候有更多机会向中国推广国际树木学会的树艺知识。 中国各地城市对此都应该存在一个社会需求。在城市里,树木如得不到正确的护理, 可变成一个不定时炸弹。 国际树木学会的庞大科研和教育力量, 应能改善我们兄弟姐妹同胞的生活质素, 最终会达致双赢。

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