Sunday, December 12, 2010

ISA HK/China --- ETF trees in HK

Dear Station Members,

In order to test our whether China trees could be produced to the international requirements of good health & structure, some ETF Trees were imported to HK to grow in Eurasian Garden for daily observation & regular Structural Pruning by the Station Manager in 2007.

Three years have passed & the results can be seen in the attached photos for 7 no. of the imported trees.

We are very pleased to find out that by giving the correct maintenance especially Structural Pruning, these ETF trees can grow to meet the international requirements of :

1. Good Central Leader

2. 60+ % Live Crown Ratio

3. Strong Branch Attachment

4. Spiral staircase Limb Arrangement

5. Good Taper

6. Tear-drop shape for maximum Wind Resistance

These quality trees can serve as a live-sample comparison to our common landscape trees planted all over our territory. Everyone is welcomed to come & study them any Sunday when the Station Manager is training his bunch of Expert Tree Climbers (ETC) from 9 am to noon. In reality, seeing is believing. Looking at them is better than to attending seminar after seminar where only 2-D photos are shown.

Planting good quality trees is a start in minimizing maintenance cost & reducing Tree Risk in future. Otherwise, Mother Nature makes the Rules.

Our territory is lucky to have at least one nursery like the ETF which understands & is capable produce quality trees. Quality trees do not just happen, but with knowledge & experience. This is exactly what China Nurseries lack. Most of them would go for quick bucks instead.

HK is lucky to have an ISA-style Nursery like the ETF, & ETF will become a living example for ISA & Quality Trees in China to come.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager