Monday, October 29, 2007

ISA HK/China --- Sylva Cell introduction

Dear Station Members,

Some of you may be involved in urban design in which finding enough rooting space to grow trees may be a major problem. In situation where heavy traffic by vehicles & pedestrians are major concern, tree planting has to give way to other structures such as pavement & road as priority. This Station has given information on Structural Cells for tree growing in the past but its application can be complex in both tendering & execution.

This Station has recently been advised by Enspec of Australia that they are now introducing a modular structural planting cell called Silva Cell at the following link:

This novelty product is made from polymers & is strong but light enough for tree planting in our urban situation. The link given has excellent description plus video to show the design & specification of the product for which anyone is recommended to look into. It appears that Silva Cell has answered some of our existing challenges in tree installation in our crowded city, although its use has to be experimented with pilot project. If feasible, & if prices can be justified, Silva Cell can be an alternative to planting trees in concrete box planters which may be the current substitution in many of our city areas.

Anyone interested to find out more on Silva Cell is requested to contact the supplier direct for additional information & trial. This Station will be grateful if anyone has tried it out to send us a review for Station broadcast in future.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager