Thursday, April 12, 2012

ISA HK/China --- Taiwan Forestry Research Institute visit of Apr 10-11, 2012 (台湾 "林业试验所" 之旅)

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本分会有幸的获得台湾行政院农业委员会林业试验所 (TFRI) 的邀请,在 2012 年 4 月10 - 11日两天, 拜访了 TFRI和举行了一个下午的树艺行业简报会, 介绍了树艺行业的历史、训练和牌照制度, 和 ISA 近年在亚洲地区的发展, 受到了热烈的欢迎。

台湾位于西太平洋台风区, 处在每年台风的必经路线当中, 每次的台风都会为当地的树木带来不同的影响,当中的病树倒塌会压断电缆、封闭公路、破坏财产和不幸伤人, 在媒体会引起回响, 为民众生活带来不便. 病树的发生可以由设计、选种、护养、检查等等当中的某个环节的不小心所引致,如果有了树艺师为其把关是一件好事。

TFRI 是目前管理台湾树木的权威机关,里面的领导大都是留美留日的博士,也对 ISA 有相当了解和支持, 这令双方的沟通非常容易。TRFI 之前曾指派过属下的研究员给香港的 "树木办" 举办过有关褐根病的讲座, 在此领域他们是处于亚洲的领先地位。 除了 TFRI 以外, 本分会长也有幸的遇上国立台湾大学农学院的专家教授们, 又实地考察了当地农庄的树木种植, 交流了双方知识。

从各方面收集回来的信息, 台湾将会开展树艺师制度, 为台湾宝贵的树木资源作出统筹、管理、检查和保护;为此台湾需要大量的训练人才,来配合推动整个树艺行业发展,这对 ISA 来说是一种鼓舞。 本分会愿意为此宏大目标来作出贡献, 也非常乐意的与台湾的专家们一起共同努力,把台湾的树木种植搞得更安全、更美观和更受老百姓欢迎!


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Dear Station Members,

It was a pleasure & honour of ISA HK/China to be invited by the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) on Apr 10-11, 2012 to visit Taiwan for promoting the Arborist Profession & ISA. The event was very successful.

The Station Manager has delivered a 3 hour talk in Mandarin on the Arborist Profession & ISA on Apr 10, which was attended by senior officials of Taiwan who took interest in the Tree Care Industry. There were approximately 60 audience from various sections of TFRI, from the Parks & Roadside Trees Division of the Public Works Dept, & representatives from various Universities. The talk circled around on the history of the Arborist Profession, the credentials system of ISA, & the development of ISA in our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China. We have also touched upon Tree Work & Tree Climbing. It was fascinating to the audience.

TFRI appeared to understand very well on ISA HK/China & they have been studying our Station Mail for some time. They have also sent staff to run lectures on Root Rot Diseases for the HK Tree Management Office a while ago. This has made this return visit of ours very pleasant & friendly. The Station Manager appeared to be the first overseas Chinese to speak on this topic in Taiwan so far. We hope more can keep coming.

From all we have learned, Taiwan is about to begin the Arborist Profession to develop further on their tree planting, from design, installation, maintenance to regular inspection. The Station Manger has given advice to TFRI to not just focus on the Tree Risk Assessment alone which is a small part of Arboriculture, but to develop on all fronts of the arboricultural knowledge, with design & installation as the priority. This is because a poorly picked tree planted incorrectly in the ground would lead to expensive maintenance in future, with the tree growing bigger later only to become a Time Bomb. We have seen this happening many times over in our part of the world. We have also told them not to go for an "Instant Effect", but for sustainability. Trees live longer than humans.

It is likely that more exchange visits will happen between ISA HK/China & Taiwan in the near future. After all, we share the same culture & flow the same blood. We are brothers to them who live on the other side of the Strait. We are also keen to help without aggression. Our sharing will benefit all at the end.

ISA HK/China looks forward to more exchange of knowledge & activities with our Taiwan brothers. This will make ISA more international in our part of the world as well.

best regards,

Sammy Au
President (Station Manager) of ISA HK/China
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