Monday, March 14, 2011

ISA HK/China ---ISA International Society in Sydney, July 23 - 27, 2011

Dear Station Members,

It's time to send another reminder to all of you for attending the ISA International Conference in Sydney, Jul 23-27, 2011.

The Sydney Conference is the closet to our territory so far & it is packed with excellent education & exposure. Besides the Workshops, there is a Trade Show, many Educational Seminars, & a Edu-tour which fits anyone working in the Greenery Industry to see how Arboriculture & Greenery have developed in this magnificent city. Many of you as Tree Climbers may want to compare your skills at the International Tree Climbing Competition. KW Lee & SY Ho, former pupils of the Station Manager, will be competing in the ITCC events for the first time from our territory. Some of you may even decide to bring an empty suitcase like the Station Manager, to fill it up at the Trade Show with the latest gears to save tremendous shipping cost home.

The Educational Seminars will provide CEU, for which some of our Certified Arborists (CA) would need for their re-certification. Some of you complained that ISA HK/China cannot organize enough CEU locally. Now is your time to get them all in Sydney. Besides, you would need the CEU & Conference Attendance to go for our local Qualified Arborist (QA) ( credential. From enquiries received in the past, these two elements appear to the only outstanding requirement for most, & now is the time to get them.

On Jul 27, there will be an Edu-tour organized by the Conference to visit the Tree Planting & Landscaping around Sydney. This is a popular event, as experts will come along to explain & answer the various aspects of the greenery development in various locations. This is something that an ordinary visitor cannot get if going on his own. Besides, this will be an excellent opportunity for networking with international counterparts, as many joining will be from other parts of the world.

By now, the Conference Hotel of Sebel is already full. ISA HK/China has checked the air-ticket supply locally, & it is getting tight form HK to Sydney around Jul 22. All ISA HK/China staff & prominent Tree Climbers of our territory will be going to the Sydney Conference. ISA HK/China will pick a time & spot on Sunday July 24 in the ITCC event location for a group photo to show our participation in this very worthwhile occasion. All ISA HK/China Members & visitors from our territory are welcomed to take part for good memory.

So, while you are thinking, the places are going fast. If you miss the boat this time, the next conference will be far, far away with extensive travel & jetlag. So what's the hesitation?

See you all in Sydney soon.

best regards,

Sammy Au
President / Station Manager
Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 (
Independent Practicing Arborist no. IPA-010908 (
ISA Certified Arborist / Certified Tree Worker no. HK-0174AT (

各位会员 :

现在我想再提醒大家, 记得出席今年7月23号至27号在澳洲悉尼举行的ISA国际会议。

这个会议是历来最接近我们的, 同时它还提供了良好学习及交流的机会。 除了工作坊外,还有展览会, 很多学术性研讨会及教育性的考察行程,都是很适合绿化行业人士认识一下这个宏伟城市的树艺及绿化发展。 你们当中有很多是攀树师的,可能想在国际攀树比赛中一显身手。 我的两名前学生将会参与这项国际赛事,这是本分会地区第一次参加国际比賽。你们有些人甚至可以和我一样,携带一个全空的手提箱去带回展览会出售最新款的工具器材, 这可省回寄运费用呢。

需要持续专业资格的 “注册树艺师”,可透过参与是次学会性研讨会获取学分。曾经有些会员投诉,本分会在香港没有举办足够活动使他们获取学分。 现在是他们最好的机会到悉尼获取所需的学分。 还有你们需要学分及出席会议资历去申请本分会的 “认可树艺师” (QA) ( 资格。从过往收到会员的查询,有些会员只欠缺这类的资历,现在是最好机会去获取有关的资历了。

这个会议将于7月27日举办一个教育性考察行程,参观悉尼一带的植树和园林。这是一个很受欢迎的活动,因为沿途会有专家向参加者解释和作答各种的绿化发展问题。 这种接待安排是一个普通旅客得不到的。 还有,这个考察行程也给你一个很好的机会与来自世界各地同业联系。

至目前为止,会议酒店 Sebel Parramatta 是已经住满了。本分会查询得知7月22号由香港飞往悉尼的机票供也十分紧张。所有本分会干事及资深攀树师都会参加此次在悉尼举行的ISA国际会议。为展示我们参与这个盛会的力量, 本分会会安排适当时间及地点在7月24日的国际攀树比赛举行场地来拍摄一个全体大合照。欢迎所有来自本分会地区的会员及参加者齐来拍照留念。

如果你放过今次会议,下次会议的地点将会离中国很远很远,到时你要受长途飞行及时差之苦。 所以当你还在考虑时,门卷则越卖越光,阁下又何苦犹疑呢?



国际树木学会 中国地区分会会长
顾问树艺师号RCA#497 (
独立执业树艺师号 IPA-010908 (
注册树艺师/注册树艺师号 HK-0174AT (

(以上由霍健, 香港注册房屋经理号 R.P.H.M. – 119 翻译。一切内容以英文版本为准。)