Monday, February 4, 2013

ISA HK/China --- OSHC of HK Arbor Safety Training Scheme (香港职业安全训练局 的 "樹艺工作安全训练" 課程)

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附上的是 香港职业安全建康局 (职安建) 所举办的香港首届的 "樹艺工作安全建康" 训练課程。 此课程的第一班将会在3月26日进行, 但由于此班已爆滿, 所以学员们只能争取报读附上的第二和第三班。 按照本分会过往举办 "樹木讲座" 的记录來看, 此类训练一經公布, 附上的课程将会在几天之内报满, 故請欲报从速。

此課程是由职安建的专家们与本分会长联合精心设計之作, 内容包涵了日常樹木工作当中, 所經常碰到的危险事项和建议预防方法。 課程又以深入浅出, 行外人仕也能了解明白的手法写成, 包涵了实物操作原素, 令其可能是到目前为止在大中华地区当中, 以当地语言教学最全面最包容性的樹艺工作安全训练課程。

此課程一共需時两天, 首天是由职安建的专家讲授有关樹艺工作的安全信息, 第二天则由本分会长讲介实务工作經验, 两天的传授是理论和实践并重, 而两位導师都是行内經验丰富的相关专业人员。 此課程与现時坊间流行的樹艺训练課程不同之处, 是本课程完全专注在工业安全和健康上面, 樹艺工作是一種充满挑战和高度危险性的工种, 在北美洲, 它已连续多年蝉联头五名 "工商人员因工伤亡" 名单之列, 也是绿化行业当中伤亡最多的工种, 可说是一步一惊心。 目前在大中华地区, 能用上本土语言来传授樹艺工作安全的专家少之又少, 而有实战經验又能讲課的就更少, 确实是非常可惜。

是项課程已經成为香港樹木工作资历认证的一部份, 但愿在不久将来, 同樣的训练也能在本地区的其他城市里出现, 來造福树艺行业人员。


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Dear Station Members,

Please see attached the announcement for the HK Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSHC) to host the "Occupational Safety & Health in Arboriculture" training starting in March 2013, although the first class is already full. Attached are the second & third classes, which are expected to be full within days of announcement of this Station Mail.

The Station Manager Sammy Au is heavily involved with the design & construction of this very worthwhile training program. He will also teach for about 50% of the course to bias upon the practical aspects of tree work on site. After all, he has been in the industry since 1984, & holds the first of many Arborist Credentials in our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China. He is so picked by OSHC for his knowledge & experience as a highly qualified trainer.

Please note that this training will emphasize on safety, & not the operational side of Arboricultural Work. This course is perhaps the first of its kind in our territory to be run by a authoritative institute with official recognition. The Development Bureau of HK has already recognized this training as part of the requirements in their tree work guidelines. ISA HK/China is very sure this training will benefit our tree workers & promote the understanding of the many risks involved during working with trees.

The course will be conducted in Traditional Chinese with Cantonese narration. We certainly hope this kind of training can spread to the rest of our territory to help the tree workers there in their local language to protect lives.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Founding President (Station Manager) of ISA HK/China (
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