Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ISA HK/China --- Should our Station push into China in a hurry?

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Dear Station Members,

The Editorial Comment of a prominent local newspaper has practically spelled out why ISA HK/China is hesitating to expand into China right now. For those readers who do not understand Traditional Chinese, please kindly translate with a computer/internet software.

Two recent incidents have coerced the Station Manager (SM) to think twice in his push of ISA into China.

The first was a Tree Seminar organized by a local university where the SM was not given a chance to speak for ISA, but to let everybody else talk on trees. The SM had raised questions to the China tree expert speakers on how they would risk-assess their own Old & Valuable Trees. The answer was that they completely depended upon their imported Tomograph for a decision, rather than the arboricultural knowledge of the Assessors. They would ignore that Tomograph is not a non-destructive testing machine but with nails driven firmly into the living xylem of a tree, & they would never query how nails on the other side could pick up the minute acoustic energy like a metal a diaphragm. They also would not understand how ambient noises from traffic & road work might interfere with the readings. Experienced Arborists around the world are not sure how senile trees can heal repeated rounds of nailing with so many wounds on the tree body to fend off biological & structural damages. Apparently the China tree experts overlooked all these facts.

The second incident was at an academic luncheon meeting organized by a Flower Show to discuss the results of the presentations. Prominent provincial researchers & professors attended this gathering. In there, the conversation was focusing on overseas tours, political connection, personal relationship, & even women & drinks. Practically anything was discussed, except trees & greenery research. When the SM tried to bring up a subject on Tree Care, it was quickly tuned down as 'inappropriate & too serious' for such a 'friendly occasion'. The SM sat there to be bored for two hours to be fed with unhealthy food & rounds of 'bottoms up', & was wondering how sweet young girls were also allowed in to entertain the guests in an 'academic gathering'. It was truly very different from any international meeting of ISA that the SM was used to before.

With the academic influence of the China greenery professionals, Topping is now an acceptable practice all over China. Tree Wounds are sealed with magic chemicals of all kinds & they called it their 'local invention' over there. Drip Injection is thought to cure all illnesses in trees, & is commercially promoted by prominent universities. Academics there have also approached the SM to discuss the 'commercialization' of ISA credentials to be taught & tested by their 'Institutes'. Some of them argued that by conferring them first the ISA credentials without testing would help to speed up the development of ISA in China.

With all these in front of us, we begin to ponder the wisdom of diving in blindly into the Land of the Old Dragons in a hurry. This place may not be ready for us yet. ISA has a Mission to follow.

Then, would anyone think otherwise, & how?

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

"If a tree is not designed, installed, maintained & inspected properly, it is likely to become a liability rather than an asset."

"Trees are good for the community. Trees need care like human beings. Arborists are the Tree Care Professionals."

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