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ISA HK/China --- Incoming Mail (Queries on Local Arboricutural Training)

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Dear xxx,

Thank you for your message to TCHK in Chinese. Your worries about the quality of the Local Arboricultural Training & future career prospect are indeed valid. ISA HK/China has taken note of your concern.

Indeed, the provision of Arbor Training in our territory is rather limited at present. Once again, we have to appreciate that ISA Arboriculture has really taken off only after ISA HK/China was set up in HK in Feb 2006. Within 4.5 years, HK has established a Tree Management Office (TMO) at a Govt level even higher than a lot of western countries. There is room for improvement for the training facilities to catch up indeed.

On the other hand, it is an ISA practice that the Chief Proctor & Proctors are not encouraged to take part in any credential training in order to avoid Conflict of Interest. The Station Manager who is also the Chief Proctor has obediently abided with this instruction, although he is allowed to train anything other than credentials in CICTA & Govt Depts. Please also note that it is an ISA Policy not to recommend or approve any training program in order to avoid any legal or moral responsibilities.

What ISA HK/China would say on your concern to seek appropriate training would be that you have to check whether the training complies with ISA exam requirements, if you are looking for an ISA credential at the end. You would also have to decide upon the capabilities of the tutors to deliver updated knowledge & experience, since ISA Arboriculture is an advancing profession with research coming out practically every 2 months. In western countries, tutors of ISA credential training are usually retired Proctors with years of experience in the Arboricultural Field both in knowledge & practical experience. HK may be short of this kind of personnel at present for mass education.

Please also note that by getting an ISA credential would not make you into a 'Tree Expert' instantly. The person passing a 200 multiple choice test to become a Certified Arborist has only pushed open the door of Modern Arboriculture to enter into this profound & deep profession. There are still many doors to push open in order to become a practicing Tree Professional ( , & most needed is personal advancement by self-study, research & learning from Senior Arborists. Joining ISA HK/China & TCHK is a start since you will meet other Arborists regularly, & share with their knowledge & experience. Polishing the credential alone in private would not make it shine for long.

Your worries about entering the Arborist Profession is justified & ISA HK/China wishes the future TMO to take note of it as well. We also wish the future TMO to take credit of the knowledge & experience of the Front Line Staff in various Govt Depts with their years of attendance in Tree Care, because these are the people who would touch trees day in & day out. Modern Arboriculture is a hands-on discipline & site experience is invaluable to take into account. Letting the Front Line Staff speak out without fear may help policy making & tree management go a long way to save administrative time & financial spending.

ISA HK/China hopes that we have addressed your concern. If not, you are welcomed to contact us anytime for further advice.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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