Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ISA HK/China --- China Tree News ( Tree Planting Dispute in Foshan)

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Dear Station Members,

It is becoming common to see protest in China for prices, salaries & even human rights. Yet it is extremely rare to see our brothers & sisters coming out to challenge Tree Planting at an unacceptable cost in public, especially in a wealthy province like Guangdong. Yet it happened in Foshan City last week.

The municipal govt there has recently tendered out mature Tree Planting at RMB 23,000 per tree for sizes ranged from 400 mm - 790 mm DBH for local species like Bischofia, Bombax & Camphor. It would be difficult to compare these prices with HK, because every tree planting site is different in terms of difficulties. Only the local experts can comment on whether the cost is over or below. In HK, we do not plant mature trees anymore for fresh & would only transplant them out of political pressure.

It is obvious for Arborists that transplanting mature trees would usually lead to poor establishment after installation, because the older the tree is, the less vigor it possesses. If coupling with an inadequate sized root ball & miniturized planting hole, even if the tree doesn't die, it probably doesn't grow either. So what's the point of transplanting it at high cost in the first place?

Lorry bed in HK & China is usually 2.5 m wide. For say, a 400 mm DBH Bombax tree, it would have a canopy width of over 8 m easily. Bombax limbs cannot be bent to fit the lorry. It then has to be cut to fit the bed size. With a mutilated canopy of less than half the original canopy, is this what the client wants after paying for all the work?

Tree Planting cannot fall into the hand of the ignorant, or it would be ruined. No matter in what name the process is for, it is always true that "Mother Nature makes the Rules"

Therefore, respect Mother Nature, & plant trees sensibly.

best regards,

Sammy Au

President / Station Manager
Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 (http://isahkchina.blogspot.com/2010/12/isa-hkchina-first-rca-in-asia.html)
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist / Certified Tree Worker no. HK-0174BT (www.isa-arbor.com)
Independent Practicing Arborist no. IPA-010908 (http://isahkchina.blogspot.com/2010/04/isa-hkchina-hk-tree-news-14410-report.html)

"Providing treatment without in-depth diagnosis & research support is professional misconduct. "

"Casual tree assessor delivers wanton tree assessment. Mother Nature makes the rules."



佛山市政府最近招标以人民币每棵二万三千元批出种植一些胸径由400 mm至790 mm的本地品种樹木,例如秋枫,木棉及樟树。上述的价钱很难与香港比较,因为每一个树木种植地点有不同程度的困难。只有本地的专家才能评论究竞成本是高或低。



树木的种植和管理不能落入无知的人手里,否则它只会受到破坏。无论冠以甚么名字,事实就是” 大自然去决定成败” ,而不是决定者。



国际树木学会 中国地区分会 会长

顾问树艺师号 RCA#497
资深树艺师 / 注册攀树师 号 HK-0174BT (http://isahkchina.blogspot.com/2011/03/isa-hkchina-first-bcma-in-asia.html)
独立执业树艺师号 IPA-010908



(译者:周志贤 注册树艺师号 HK-0280A。一切内容以英文版本为准。)


內地城市近年致力綠化環境,但廣東佛山就爆出「天價樹」事件。當地政府為綠化禪城區季華路及佛山大道一帶,擬斥一千四 百萬元種植六百零一棵樹。市民算出每棵樹要花兩萬三千元,質疑太貴,直斥浪費公帑。面對民眾責難,官方仍死撐稱已是中標者的最低 報價。

佛山市今次招標,主要針對佛山大道北出入口、佛山大道北以及季華路三個地段,共採購三百棵香樟、二百七十六棵秋楓和廿五棵大福木棉,預 算一千四百萬 元。公告對樹木的要求很高,樹身直徑從四十至七十九厘米不等,高度要介乎七至十一米之間。當局又要求,中標單位須免費提供一切護理所需用 品,並保證苗木百 分之百存活。

「均價二點三萬元一棵的樹,放在路上當景觀樹合適嗎?」民眾對此事紛紛驚嘆不已,有人稱以「穿衣戴帽」來提升市容形象,本無可厚非,但 質疑樹價太貴。有市民更指,樟樹不宜種植在馬路邊,「且高價買老樹,不值」。

面對質疑,禪城區環境交通和城市管理局前日回應稱,樟樹、秋楓等都是適應本區氣候、土壤的優秀本土樹種,壽命又長。當局更強調價錢是經 格價得出,「在保證品質的前提下,誰出價最便宜就用誰的樹木」。


不過,內地傳媒向多家苗木場老闆查詢此招標價時,卻發現與當局所說的不同。在陳村花卉世界做樹木生意的譚先生說,直徑四十至五 十厘米、高九至十二米的木棉,每棵市價約一萬五千元。他指出,倘政府和企業大批採購,價錢可能更平。網民炮轟,佛山當局「只選貴的不選對 的」,又揶揄「潛 台詞無非就是政績、形象、GDP,其次就是回扣、賄賂、貪腐」!