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ISA HK --- 2011ISA International Conference in Sydney (Australia)

Dear Station Members,

Upon return, we can call it the most successful ISA International Conference that ISA HK/China has ever participated. The Station Manager (SM) has counted more than 50+ Station Members from our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China had attended, making us one of the largest group coming in from around the world. Also this year, ISA HK/China has sent Mr. KW Lee to join in the International Tree climbing Competition, & a lot of experience has been gained. We have fully benefited from our participation.

The once a year event of ISA International Conference is usually held in the US Mainland traditionally. But this year, it was planned & held in Sydney, Australia. This gives a good opportunity for members living in the Asia Pacific Region to save cost & time for travel & jetlag. Therefore, keep participation was seen from countries like Singapore, HK & China to come in for the latest knowledge & networking. Perhaps the 2011 ISA International Conference is the one with so many of attendees from this region so far. It has been good for some of us to see old friends from our neighborhood.

The Seminars & Workshops have been excellent as usual as in any ISA International Conference. We have learned that most Workshops were fully booked well in advance. The SM himself attended the Workshops which he regarded as relevant to his work & knowledge, namely on Tree Biology & Biomechanics, which are rarely given within our territory. Both topics are under constant research in ISA for continuous updates. Both topics are relatively new in the scientific world that most publications only appeared from the 1990's.

In the Wood Fungi Workshop with Prof. Schwarze, the SM has learned about his new theory on Tree Risk Assessment (TRA) about the doubts on using Decay Detection Equipment such as Resistograph & Tomograph, which were both thought to be the solution for accurate decay detection for traditional Arborists in many places. Prof. Schwarze has proven it by research that an experienced Arborist may produce a more accurate assessment with visual means, which is rather in line with the suspicion of the SM himself over his thousands of TRA in the past. It appears that relying on equipment is an easy solution to tell others, whereas getting the knowledge & experience to do the work is harder. And many of us would prefer the easy way out...

In the Tree Biology Workshop under Prof. Coder, he practically taught us on a year's study at MSc level on Photosynthesis & Respiration of Trees within 3 hours !! Prof. Coder is also a powerful speaker, who can present complicated knowledge in a simple form. The SM was so enlightened by him that even as a laymen of the subject, he could digest his knowledge & put it to use afterwards. Prof. Coder is a world class tutor indeed. He is also a strong supporter of ISA.

At the International Tree Climbing Competition which is held close to the Conference, too many audiences crowded the round that find a good spot for video taking has been difficult. many people came from around the world to come to support this event, & many of them, just like us, would like to take home good videos. It is true that tree climbing skills keep on improving, every time when the SM has a chance to visit them. When our Station Members saw how the world climbers were performing, it might make them feel how behind we really are in our territory. For tree climbing, it's no good just talking & not getting the job done, efficiently & safely. Tree climbing is unique to Arboriculture & Forestry, that no any other greenery discipline would perform. Tree Climbers are themselves a unique breed, irreplaceable by anybody.

As the Education Sessions & the Climbers' Corner began work on Jul 25, anyone who is interested in both would be running around to different places to try to catch up with the latest knowledge. After all, this is what ISA Conference all about. There is no heavy feasting & drinking, but serious learning & sharing. ISA Conference is one of the few kinds that the SM would recommend our Station Members to attend, & to bring back updated knowledge & information. Arboriculture is an advancing profession, & ISA Conference is the best place to update.

There may be too much to write if for a Station Mail purpose on a rewarding event like attending an ISA International Conference. On the other hand, Station Mail is not designed for this purpose. ISA HK/China has benefited so much from attend this Sydney Conference that we are contemplating to go the Portland Conference in Oregon State, USA next year. It is true that ISA Conference in US Mainland is bigger & more crowded, as the majority of ISA Members & sponsors are from US Mainland. Oregon is also the home of the biggest trees in the world, the Sequoia. The SM has seen them last about 30 years ago, & the remaining photos are fainting. He would like to go there to refresh them.

Hope to see you all in Oregon next year!

best regards,

Sammy Au
President (Station Manager)
Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 (
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist / Certified Tree Worker no. HK-0174BT (
Independent Practicing Arborist no. IPA-010908 (

"Providing treatment without in-depth diagnosis & research support is professional misconduct. "

"Casual tree assessor delivers wanton tree assessment. Mother Nature makes the rules."


今次在澳洲悉尼举行的ISA国际树艺会议,对本分会来说,是历来最成功的一次。本分会长在会议期间,遇见50多位分别来自香港、澳门、台湾及中国大陆的分会员,成为来自世界各地出席该会议最大区域性队伍之一。 同时今年,本分会亦派出李启宏先生参加国际攀爬比赛,取得不少经验。透过此次会议,我们实获益不少。



在树木真菌工作坊,本分会会长得知导师Prof. Schwarze对使用树木腐烂测试仪器,如压力扫描仪及断层扫描仪,来评估树木的腐烂程度的准确性提出询疑。他经研究证实,一个有经验的树艺师能用目视方法作出一个比仪器更准确的评估。Prof. Schwarze的询疑正与本会长经历数千次树木风险评估工作后对仪器的准确性产生怀疑十分吻合。用仪器测检出来的结果总比累积经验来判断结果来得容易;人总是取易不取难。

在树木生物工作坊,导师Prof. Coder只用3小时将需要修读一年的树木光合作用及呼吸的硕士课程几乎全部都向我们讲述了! 他真是一个很擅长的演讲者; 能够使用简单的言语传达深奥的知识。他那种可使一个行业以外的人士都能学以致用的讲解能力深深地启发了本分会长。

国际树木攀爬比赛在会议地点附近举行。 由於观众太挤拥,所以很难找到一个合适位置拍录像。 来自世界各地的参观者好像我们一样,都想拍到好的录像回家。当本分会长每次参加此项比赛时,都亲眼见証了树木攀爬技术不断地在进步。 而本分会员观看世界顶级树木攀爬者的表演后,亦感到技不如人。 爬树技巧不能只是说理论而缺乏有效而安全的训练。爬树是树艺和林业的独特工作项目而不是绿化行业需要执行的任务。 树木攀爬者拥有不可替代的特质。

学术性的研讨会及攀爬训练班同在7月25日开始,有兴趣参加者须忙於两边赶去出席,目的是抢先获取最新的有关知识。 毕竟ISA国际会议不是大吃大喝的聚会而是一个认真学习及分享知识的会议。本分会会长鼓励分会会员参加这个会议去获取树艺的第一手知识和资讯。 树艺是一门不断向前的行业而ISA週年国际会议是最好更新自己专业知识的地方。

可惜本会通讯不是专为报导ISA国际树艺会议而设的,否则将会有更多今年会议的情况向大家报导。由於本分会从今次的悉尼会议获益良多,所以我们会认真考虑去参加明年在美国俄勒冈州波特兰举办的ISA国际树艺会议会议,因为大多数ISA的会员及赞助者都在美国,所以在美国举办的会议总比在其他地办的更多人参加。 俄勒冈州是出产最粗壮红杉的地方。 本分会会长在30年前拍的照片现已渐渐模糊了,真很想到那处再拍一些新照片。





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