Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ISA HK/China --- HK Tree News (Tree Selection in HK Island)

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Dear Station Members,

Attached is a set of recent news for the proposed tree planting in the western districts of HK Island.

ISA HK/China views the action to be full of good intention to plant trees to cool our city & to bring about the ecological & social benefits of trees to our community. On the other hand, the comments made by our prominent tree professional Prof CY Jim may also be valid in saying that Sophora japonica is a temperate species which would have survival problems in our summer, & Michelia alba would be too large & spreading for our narrow streets. The Camptotheca acuminata appeared to be a correct choice, since this tree is ex-current with predictable wind loading to minimize Structural Pruning & it is tough enough to survive our urban conditions.

It is recommended in ISA education that Right Trees should be planted in the Right Places. Proper tree selection will minimize future maintenance & failure, although Structural Pruning is always recommended after the 12 month Establishment Period & annual inspection should be given by an Independent Practicing Arborist for impartial comments on tree condition & risk. Trees are very much like humans & regular care must be given for them to stay healthy & lasting. Lack of care would neglect abuses from our city development with which our urban trees would not last long to provide the social & ecological benefits to give us.

It would be good if our public can be provided more fundamental education on trees, & this may make trees to be our asset rather than liability as some have seen it.

Can ISA HK/China help on this?

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

The ISA Mission - Through research, technology, and education, promote the professional practice of arboriculture and foster a greater public awareness of the benefits of trees. (http://www.isa-arbor.com/)

Monday, July 21, 2008

ISA HK/China --- CA Training and Exam from MSA

Dear Station Members,

Below & attached are information received from our regional counterpart Malaysian Society of Arborists (MSA) for their Certified Arborist (CA) Training with exam to be held in Malaysia this coming August. We wish to thank MSA for sharing this opportunity with us indeed.

For those of you who wish to study & take the CA credential as soon as in August, please kindly follow the instructions in the attached flyer & apply at your earliest convenience. You may wish to contact MSA for any queries for a direct reply.

As we can see now that Arboriculture is expanding in our part of the world with former training in Asian countries & hopefully, we can be soon knocking on the door in Taiwan & China which are still very much unexplored domain in the territory of ISA HK/China. Provision of training is the first step to develop modern Arboriculture in our region, & we look forward to such opportunity anywhere anytime .

Thank you all for your kind attention.

best regards,

Sammy Au
ISA HK/China

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From: Amat Ramsa Yaman
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Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2008 8:11 AM

Subject: Training and Exam for Arborist Certfication 2008

Dear Friends,

Malaysian Society of Arborist will conduct trainingprogram for certified arborist candidates in which at the end of theprogram there will be a certification exam. The program is running from 4 to 21 August 2008 at Universiti Putra Malaysia.

A well known resource person from oversea will be the instructor for the program.We welcome any overseas candidates from Asia Pacific to join the program though this notification is really short in time.

Attachedherewith is the flyer for the program. At the time being our society is participating in the Malaysian International Garden Festival from 19 - 27 July 2008. We have our own exhibition booth to introduce the society to the public particularly the players in landscape industry.

Thank You.

Amat Ramsa Yaman


Malaysian Society of Arborists

Faculty of Forestry

Universiti Putra Malaysia