Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ISA HK/China --- Tree Topping yet again

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Dear Station Members,

Tree Topping has become a disease which is so difficult to sure in our city, that it will happen despite outcries from Govt & professionals. The attached photos sent in recently by Station Members speak for the fact.

Then how come it would occur despite constant warning? Cost may be one thing, & ignorance may be another.

Some look for present comfort without future alert that topped trees can become potential hazards. Employing unqualified contractors to do the job is usually the cheapest solution. Others think sprouting which emerges after every "cut" will turn the tree healthier than before. This simply shows that the education is not reaching the decision-makers.

Sad for our trees so topped to mutilation, & our "tree lovers" may see & weep over it. Then would they hunt down the culprit & expose every time? Let's hope someone who can stop would step out to correct the situation, or the trees will do their revenge by falling over one day.

May Tree Failure by human error not be called an Act of God no more.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager
Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 (

"If a tree is not designed, installed, maintained & inspected properly, it is likely to become a liability rather than an asset."

"Trees are good for the community. Trees need care like human beings. Arborists are the Tree Care Professionals."

ISA HK/China (Professionals) --- Report Writing requirement for the Qualified Arborist (QA) Credential

Dear Station Members,

ISA HK/China has received a number of enquires on the report-writing requirements since its announcement of the Qualified Arborist (QA) credential to prospective candidates who can demonstrate their ability to produce quality reports, in addition to meeting the other five requirements as stated in the Stated Mail on 29 September 2010.

The most frequently asked questions are the format and the overall length of the report to be submitted at the time of application.

Arborist Report format and overall length vary depending on the purpose of the report. It can be presented as brief notes in a pro-forma manner, or as descriptive presentation on more complicated issues, such as expert witness statements or proof of evidence for public inquiries.

In order to recognize the candidate's ability to produce a clear, concise, complete and competent report, ISA HK/China expects the candidate to submit a professional report, between the pro-forma approach and the specialist report. A 10-page report should consist of 6 pages of typed essay-writing material on introduction, relevant background information, methodology employed, description of objective facts, conclusion and recommendation. With a font size of 12, the overall length of the essay-writing part should be around 2,000 words.

Please note that anything of a table nature, e.g. The Tree Risk Assessment Form 2 of TMO, contents similar to the Tree Evaluation Form of Matheny & Clark, any self-made entry in table form, etc., is not considered to be essay-writing, & should be presented in a table or appendix. Only paragraphs with complete sentences to describe events can be counted as essay-writing.

The purpose of introducing the Qualified Arborist (QA) credential is to recognize the QA's communication skill especially in producing quality written report. All candidates who wish to apply for the Qualified Arborist (QA) credential should observe the report-writing requirements before submitting their applications.

Please also note that this Committee will need to first approve your QA application, before we shall ask you to pay the HK$1,600.00 report-reviewing fee into the bank account of ISA HK/China. Upon receipt of the said fee, this Committee will advise you to submit your Arborist Report for our technical review.

Best regards

Joseph Lee
Deputy Station Manager
Registration and Disciplinary Committee