Sunday, December 5, 2010

ISA HK/China --- Photos of important 2010 events

Dear Station Members & Public,

ISA HK/China would like to issue you the photos of our recent events for your memory & appreciation. We issue these to the public as well since a lot of them have participated as their support to us. ISA HK/China is highly inclusive to follow ISA Mission. We are now a special icon in our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China.

These photos are describing mainly 3 major events: Tanya Chan's Law Seminar, 2010 Tree Climbing Competition (TCC) & 2010 Annual Dinner. Every event was a full house.

Tanya Chan's Law Seminar have drawn in professionals & academics from many sectors of our society, & everyone has learned how the "Duty of Care" would bind the Arborists in their practice. The description & explanation on the Legal System & Legco in HK were condensed & practical. If some thought they could get the same in an ordinary lawyer's briefing, they are wrong. Tanya Chan's is the best.

The TCC is a qualification competition for the Asia Pacific Tree Climbing Competition (APTCC) next year in Singapore. Holding the TCC in our territory has confirmed our acceptance into the system. Anyone can call themselves "experts" & "representative" of any kind, but they cannot join this prestigious organization without completing in the TCC in our territory. ISA HK/China is no longer any "local" organization but part of an international community. This has made us strong & unique.

Photos of the TCC have described it all. We have more than 60 Tree Climbers from various training institutes coming in to compete. Those who did not join have certainly missed the opportunity to compare themselves with the others. After all, how can anybody call themselves "very good" or "professional" in anything, if they are afraid to compare? Is that not just a lot of hot air?

The 2010 Annual Dinner was already expected to be noisy & rowdy, & it lived up to its claim. All 20 full tables of 240+ no. of participants enjoyed themselves without regard to their background or profession. And some say we see the other side of ourselves after a few drinks. Since we already had this foresight of providing only 2 bottles of beer & a bottle of red wine per table for better behaviour, some went on after the Dinner to booze up on their own. We were told that some did not return home to until 6 am the next morning. Oh, what a night!

2010 has been a very successful year for ISA HK/China, & all these have happened while we are gently knocking on the doors in China. We shall need better organization & muscles before penetrating this Land of Old Dragon. It will be a different world. However, armed with ISA Mission, knowledge & a heated heart, we do not fear. Our strategies have been tested & proven in HK which has a 95% Chinese community. If we fail, can anyone do better? No doubt we are the best & most committed to do this job. China will be ours.

With 2010 passing by & most of our goals accomplished, ISA HK/China can now take a rest in December. Christmas is coming & New Year is nearby. Now is the time for joy, unity & celebration. We shall take it easy for the rest of 2010, & plan for 2011.

In this time of joy, ISA HK/China wishes to thank you all for your support in 2010. We shall continue the ISA Mission, & carry on to serve our territory the best we can as we should do.

Thank you all very much indeed.

With warmest regards & Season's Greetings,

Sammy Au
Station Manager