Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ISA HK --- ISA Tree Seminar (Law Seminar of Tanya Chan) 70+ % Full

Dear Station Members & TCHK Members,

Please note that the Law Seminar of Tanya Chan given below is already 70+ % full by the time this message is issued, after 48 hours of our announcement. We shall proceed to open the booking to the public as scheduled from 9 am of Monday Nov 8, 2010 onwards, to keep our promise.

As a reminder, would those Station Members & TCHK Members interested please send in your booking ASAP?

Please also pass this message to your friends & colleagues for their personal benefit. We do not believe anyone can get such expert advice at such a negligible cost, when they come to need it for any purpose in future. We live in law for everything today. This is an exceptional opportunity.

Thank you all for your support.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

各位ISA HK/China 會員 和 TCHK 族員:

以下的 "法律 與 樹藝" 講座至今已有 70+% 滿額。本會將會按照公眾承諾,於 2010年11月8日 上午9時 後,接受任何人仕報名。





國際樹木學會 中國地區分會 會長

Monday, November 1, 2010

ISA HK/China --- ISA Tree Seminar (Law Seminar of Tanya Chan)

中文版請看下面 !

Dear Station Members,

Thank you for waiting for ISA HK/China to prepare the 8th session of ISA Tree Seminar.

In Session 8, the details are as follows:

Title: Law & Arboriculture (Introduction to the Legal System of HK, the level of Courts, responsibilities of Lawyers, & how Arborists can act as Expert Witness in Court)

Language: Mainly in Cantonese with occasional English to suit the majority of our audience.

Speaker: The Rt. Hon. Miss Tanya Suk-Chong CHAN (陳淑莊 議員), LEGCO Member & Practicing Barrister-in-Law.

Date: Friday, 26 November 2010

Venue: Himalayan Suite, Conference Centre, 5th Floor, Pacific Place One, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, HK (

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Capacity: 150 persons. If needed, can be expanded to 200 persons maximum.

Cost: HK$100 per person, payable by cash upon arrival into the Drop Box. Candidates will initial their presence in the Attendance Sheet provided.

Booking Method: Please reserve your seat by e-mail to on a first come first served basis. A booking no. will be provided upon successful entry. There will be no seat assignment. Anyone can sit anywhere available on a first come first occupied basis. Those who have been given a booking no. at Priority Booking do not need to re-book again.

Penalty: Any person who has booked a seat but does not show up, will not be allowed to attend the next session. A sign-in sheet will be kept by ISA HK/China for monitoring. Our future seminars would include "Effective Use of English for Report-Writing" , "Termites & Wood-decaying Fungi in Trees", & "Technical Writing - 3 sessions". Don't miss on that.

CEU: CA/CTW will be awarded 2 CEU for this Seminar. Please prepare your ISA Certification no. to initial in the CEU Sign-in Sheet provided at the seminar. No CEU will be given if Certification no. is not written down.

Eligibility: Station Members will be given a priority in booking from now to 9 am of Nov 8, 2010. After that, the booking will be open to public for the benefit of general education. (Anyone can join ISA HK/China by providing full name, age, organization, position, highest education, e-mail & mobile no. to anytime. Station Membership is free & is never publicly disclosed to protect privacy. ISA HK/China has 1,500+ Station Members from all walks of life by Nov 2010.)

Seminar Contents:

What is the difference between men & animals - written Laws. Without Laws, there is no modern civilization. Laws keep our society together in order & discipline. Laws govern every step of our modern life.

Miss Chan will provide an introduction to the Legal System of HK; its history & present. She would describe the functions of the law-making institute, e.g. LEGCO & its constitution. She would introduce the various levels of Courts & their responsibilities. She would provide some basic information of working with Lawyers & their hierarchy in the Legal System. She would also briefly touch upon the requirement to work as an Expert Witness in Court, & how the Arborists can act as an Expert Witness.

This seminar aims to deliver public education for our everyday life, & is given by a highly qualified Lawyer & Law-Maker of HK, Miss Tanya Chan. Besides her excellent qualifications & experience, Miss Chan is also a keen Tree Lover. Anyone may not get an opportunity to listen to such professional expertise for a long time in our territory, if missing on this one.

Other information:

1. There will be a Refreshment Bar selling non-alcoholic drinks starting at 6.30 pm & throughout the seminar session. There will be a short break of 10 minutes during the talk for relaxation & convenience. No Dressing Code is given, but please respect yourself & others by coming in tidiness & courtesy.

2. Please note recording of any kind is not allowed during the Seminar. Offender will be asked to leave.

3. A designated number of CEU will be required to qualify for our local Credentials, e.g. Qualified Arborist (QA) & the future Arboricultural Consultant (AC) in our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China. Now is the time to collect.

Please note the information of ISA Tree Seminars are not released publicly so as to encourage participation into our activity.

Looking forward to sharing our knowledge with you for good education.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

各位ISA HK/China 會員 和 TCHK 族員:

本會的第八次樹藝講座,有幸請到 立法會議員 及 執業大律師 陳淑莊 小姐,講解普及法律知識,內容詳情如下:

講座名稱: 法律 與 樹藝

使用語言: 主為中文,英語作輔。

講者: 陳淑莊 小姐,立法會議員 及 執業大律師

日期: 2010年11月26日 星期五

時間: 晚上 七時 至 九時

地點: 香港 金鐘道88號 太古廣場第一期 5/F Himalayan Suite會議室 (



訂位方法:在2010年11月8日上午9時前,只接受ISA HK/China 及TCHK的會員報名;在此之後,歡迎任何人仕報名;額滿即止。報名者請將姓名電郵至 留位,並於抵步後簽到。座位並無編號,自由入坐。

缺席處分:任何人仕於訂位後已不簽到出席,將會被拒絕參加下一個ISA講座。未來的ISA講座將會包括 "進楷英語使用","白蟻蛀木及腐木性真菌防治",和 "高級技能英語使用" 等等。

CEU學分:CA/CTW 可得 2 CEU 學分。



陳議員 會首先介紹香港法律基礎的由來和歷史,而進一步去介紹香港的立法程序和機構 - 立法會 的組成和操作。從而會進入介紹各級法庭的功能和區別,亦會簡單講介各類律師的聘用和服務範圍。最後部份乃是法庭對"技術証人"的表現和要求,和樹藝師作為"技術証人"的基本條件。

陳議員 除了是富有經驗的執業大律師兼立法工作者以外,亦是社會上知名的樹木愛護人,陳議員 能以此身份出席本會講座來分享她的專業知識和工作經驗,實乃樹藝行業及大眾之光。




國際樹木學會 中國地區分會 會長


Sunday, October 31, 2010

ISA HK/China --- 2010 Annual Dinner (FULL HOUSE)

Dear Station Members,

We wish to inform you that our 2010 Annual Dinner is already Full House within 2 days of its announcement. Please do not send in booking request anymore.

We apologize to disappoint some of you, & can only hope to organize a bigger event next year to accommodate the popular demand.

Thank you all for your support.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager