Saturday, May 8, 2010

ISA HK/China --- GCSE Laws and 'A' Level English Language by Distant Learning

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Dear Station Members,

Since the success of the IPA in Court for the Tree Failure case in April, ISA HK/China has been receiving a number of enquiries on how to study 'O' Level Laws & A 'Level' English Language to become an IPA ( in our territory.

On the other hand, please kindly note that 'O' Level Laws has now been replaced by GCSE Laws, which is regarded as an elementary training in legal knowledge. GCSE can be regarded as equivalent to HKCE level in basic comparison.

As most of our Station Members are working people & might not have time to attend regular classes to learn these subjects, ISA HK/China has been researching on Distant Learning for these two topics. Here are what we have found:

For GCSE Laws:



For 'A' Level English Language:



Please note that ISA HK/China has no commercial interest to provide this information & anyone joining is entirely at his/her own risks.

Whether to become an IPA or not, we regard to take up the above training for individual development is important for our Practicing Arborists. Imagine an Arborist who can not communicate effectively or understand the legal complication of his/her work in law. Would this Arborist go very far in the Arborist Profession?

The Arborist Profession is full of minefields & every Arborist Report can be challenged in Court. The Court case in April has made an excellent example that the IPA could reveal the inadequacies of the other side to completely overrun him with communication skills & laws. Our profession is full of scientific knowledge, presentation & legal principles that any deviation will be nailed.

ISA HK/China is now designing a set of credentials to suit our Arborists who do not climb trees. Tree Climbing & Tree Work are not all there is in the Arborist Profession. They are only part of it. We shall make room for all those who are equally capable & contributing to acknowledge their knowledge & experience, although they do not climb trees for one reason or another. Their talents & abilities should not be overlooked. We expect to release our work by end of this year.

ISA HK/China will proceed with our own course to build the Arborist Profession in our territory to suit our needs with our culture & conditions, under the ISA Mission anytime.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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"Trees are good for the community. Trees need care like human beings. Arborists are the Tree Care Professionals."