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ISA HK/China --- 2012 HK Tree Climbing Championship 2012 香港攀树锦标赛

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本分会很高兴的告诉各位, 本年度的 "香港攀树锦标赛", 将会在2012年11月17-18日, 在香港马安山的 YMCA 度假村里面举行, 详情请看各附页。

为了隆重其事, 本分会的 "周年晚宴" 也会在比赛结束后同时举行, 而这次"攀树锦标赛"也将会与 "香港国际树艺研討会" 同时协办, 令香港成为目前能举办如此树艺盛事的唯一远东城市。

举办攀树比赛的其中一个目的, 是为了寻找更新更好的树上工作技术和装备, 令高空工作能够更安全, 更有效率。 攀树是树艺行业独有的工种, 也是目前所有绿化行业当中缺乏的训练,没有了攀树,高空修剪会变得很困难, 攀树也令树艺行业者在所有绿化工种之中独树一幟。

在日后条件成熟以后, 本分会冀望 "攀树锦标赛" 也能在两岸四地的大小城市里面举行,为此目的,本分会必然全力以附。


国际树木学会 中华地区分会 会长 暨 创办人


美洲顾问树艺师学会 顾问树艺师号 RCA#497 ( )

澳洲顾问树艺师学会 顾问树艺师号 ACM 0412011 ( )

资深树艺师/注册攀树师号 HK-0174BT ( )

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Dear Station Members,

It is our pleasure to inform all of you that the HK Tree Climbing Championship (HKTCC) will be held on Nov 17-18, 2012 at the Wu Kai Sha YMCA Camp in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong. Details of the event are given in the attachments.

This year, the ISA HK/China Annual Dinner, the HKTCC & the International Arboricultural Summit of HK (IASHK), will join hand together in the same period to create the biggest Arboricultural Event in our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China. We shall also extend the invitation to our regional counterparts & tree climbers to come & join us for networking & sharing. More information on IASHK & our Annual Dinner will be issued in our weekly Station Mail later.

Tree Climbing is an integral part of Arboriculture, & is a unique skill of the Arborist Profession. It is like a doctor operating surgery. Tree Climbing is also exciting to watch. From international experience, any Tree Climbing display usually draws a large crowd to applaud the agility of human to mimic animals to maneuver intelligently in a tree canopy. The swings & jumps from branch to branch earn amazement from the audience. It is also a sport so authentic to make the cameras click & snap repeatedly below.

Tree Climbing Competition is a way in finding new skills & equipment to improve the safety at work in the tree canopy. New climbing techniques are frequently tested out in the competition. New gears are comparing themselves with traditional tools. The best are taken out for future use. It is a way to upgrade the industry to advance both knowledge & safety.

ISA HK/China invites everyone to come to support the HKTCC. You can make it a family day out. The weather will be nice at the time & the ground is roomy to spend a day out in leisure. The venue is easily accessible by public transport, & car parking can be made available by prior arrangement. More information of the event is given in the attachments.

As for those who will be competing in the HKTCC, please ensure yourselves to send in the registration before the deadline. The winners of the Master Challenge will become the representatives of our territory to compete in the regional Tree Climbing Competition, & ultimately in the International Tree Climbing Championship. It will be an honour for life.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2012 HKTCC. It will be an event that everyone will remember.

best regards,

Sammy Au

Founding President (Station Manager) of ISA HK/China ( )

Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 ( )

Institute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists Accredited Member no. ACM 0412011 ( )

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist / Certified Tree Worker no. HK-0174BT ( )

Independent Practicing Arborist no. IPA-010908 ( )

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