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ISA HK/China --- CA Code of Ethics ("注册树艺师" 的专业守则)

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Dear Station Members,

As more than 500 Certified Arborists (CA) have already been qualified sine 2005 in our territory & the number is growing in our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China, it is important that our local CA have understood the Code of Ethics as given by ISA as below:


The International Society of Arboriculture, Inc. (ISA) is a voluntary, non-profit, professional association. The ISA Certification Program certifies qualified practitioners in the field of arboriculture, who have met the professional knowledge standards established by the ISA Certification Board.

Regardless of any other professional affiliation, this ISA Certified Arborist Code of Ethics applies to those individuals seeking ISA Certified Arborist certification (candidates), and all individuals certified by the ISA as Certified Arborists (certificants). The Certified Arborist Code of Ethics establishes appropriate and enforceable professional conduct standards, and explains the minimal ethical behavior requirements for Certified Arborist certificants and candidates. The Certified Arborist Code of Ethics also serves as a professional resource for arborists, as well as for those served by Certified Arborist certificants and candidates, with respect to such standards and requirements.

I. Responsibilities to ISA, the profession and the public.

A. Certified Arborist compliance with all organizational rules, policies and legal requirements. Certificants and candidates must:

1. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and ethical standards governing professional practice of arboriculture.

2. Comply with all accepted professional standards related to arboriculture practice, including national practice standards and policies.

3. Provide accurate, complete, and truthful representations concerning all certification and recertification information.

4. Maintain the security of ISA examination information and materials, including the prevention of unauthorized disclosures of test information.

5. Cooperate with ISA concerning ethics matters and the collection of information related to an ethics matter.

6. Report to the ISA Certification Program, in a timely manner, their personal conduct that may violate any provision of the Certified Arborist Code of Ethics or the Certification Program Ethics Case Procedures.

7. Refrain from behavior or conduct that is clearly in violation of professional, ethical, or legal standards related to occupational services and/or activities.

II. Responsibilities to clients, employers, employees, and the public.

A. Certified Arborist responsibilities concerning the performance of professional services. Certificants and candidates must:

1. Deliver safe and competent services with objective and independent professional judgment in decision-making.

2. Recognize the limitations of their professional ability and provide services only when qualified. The certificant/candidate is responsible for determining the limits of his/her own professional abilities based on qualifications, education, knowledge, skills, practice experience, and other relevant considerations.

3. Make a reasonable effort to provide appropriate professional referrals when unable to provide competent professional assistance.

4. Maintain and respect the confidentiality of sensitive information obtained in the course of professional activities unless: the information is reasonably understood to pertain to unlawful activity; a court or governmental agency lawfully directs the release of the information; the client or the employer expressly authorizes the release of specific information; or, the failure to release such information would likely result in death or serious physical harm to employees and/or the public.

5. Properly use professional credentials, and provide truthful and accurate representations concerning education, experience, competency and the performance of services.

6. Provide truthful and accurate representations to the public in advertising, public statements, and other representations, and in the preparation of estimates concerning costs, services and expected results.

7. Recognize and respect the intellectual property rights of others and act in an accurate, complete, and truthful manner, including activities related to professional work and research.

B. Certified Arborist responsibilities concerning conflicts of interest and appearances of impropriety. Certificants and candidates must:

1. Disclose to clients or employers significant circumstances that could be construed as a potential or real conflict of interest or an appearance of impropriety.

2. Avoid conduct that could cause a conflict of interest with a client, employer, employee, or the public.

3. Assure that a conflict of interest does not compromise legitimate interests of a client, employer, employee, or the public and does not influence or interfere with professional judgments.

4. Refrain from offering or accepting significant payments, gifts or other forms of compensation or benefits in order to secure work or that are intended to influence professional judgment.

C. Certified Arborist responsibilities concerning public health and safety. Certificants and candidates must:

1. Follow appropriate health and safety procedures, in the course of performing professional activities, to protect clients, employers, employees, and the public from conditions where injury and/or other harm are reasonably foreseeable.

2. Inform appropriate government representatives or agencies when aware of an activity or circumstance that may cause an unsafe condition or violate legal requirements.

ISA HK/China has translated this Code of Ethics into Chinese in the Chinese version of this Station Mail below. It is also published in our English Blog ( & Chinese Blog ( to announce it publicly in our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China. We want the public to become confident of the professional conduct that a CA will maintain in his/her professional practice. This is also giving further respect to our profession which is now developing rapidly in China.

Anyone who wishes to challenge the unprofessional conduct of a CA, can always report the case to . ISA Cert Dept will conduct investigation & take appropriate measures, with penalty as far as certification revocation or even legal pursuit as the case may require. All reports to ISA will be treated in the upmost confidentiality.

We now look forward to the public confidence in the performance of our Certified Arborists, to make our profession trustworthy & respected in our territory.

best regards,

Sammy Au
President (Station Manager) of ISA HK/China
Registered Consulting Arborist no. RCA#497 (
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist / Certified Tree Worker no. HK-0174BT (
Independent Practicing Arborist no. IPA-010908 (

"Providing treatment without in-depth diagnosis & research support is professional misconduct. "

"Casual tree assessor delivers wanton tree assessment. Mother Nature makes the rules."


自2005年起, 本分会已考核了超过了500位的 “注册树艺师” (CA) 在中国地区执业, 由於数量庞大, 当下 CA 应要明白由 ISA 总会所制定的 “专业守则”, 要求每位 CA 都要遵守 :

ISA “注册树艺师”的 “专业守则”

国际树木学会 (ISA) 是一个志愿和非牟利的专业组织。ISA注册立案法团颁发证书给予资历达到ISA注册局认定水平的树艺从业员。

ISA “注册树艺师专业守则”( 简称 “守则”) 适用于所有正在寻求ISA “注册树艺师”的人仕(候证者), 及所有已在ISA登记成为 “注册树艺师” 的人仕(持证者), 不论其已经归附其他专业机构与否,此 “守则”制订了适当和可强制执行的专业操守标准,并向持证者及候证者阐述了其道德行为的最低要求。基于所订标准及要求,本“守则” 也为树艺师和受惠于树艺行业服务的人仕, 提供了专业资询的资源 :

I. 对ISA、树艺行业和公众所需承担的责任:

A. “注册树艺师”要遵从由有关组织所制订的各类规条、政策和法律法规。


1. 遵从所有相关法律、法规、政策和规管树艺专业的良好道德标准。

2. 遵守所有已在树艺行业沿用多年的专业标准, 包括各类国立标准和做法。

3. 以准确、完整、和真实的材料去申辨各类牌照注册和续照。

4. 维护ISA评核资料和题材之保密性,禁止非法泄露试题。

5. 给予ISA因道德事项, 和因此而作出搜集讯息之时, 保持充分合作。

6. 如发现有人的行为是违反了此 “守则”或其诉讼程序之时,会於适当时间内向ISA注册局作出报告。

7. 不进行任何违反专业操守、道德行为或相关法规律的行动, 去损害行业利益。

II. 对客户、雇主、雇员和公众承担责任:

A. “注册树艺师” 的专业服务精神; 持证者及候证者必须:

1. 提供安全、称职、客观和独立的专业判断, 给所有人作出考虑决定。

2. 确认自我的专业水平能力, 来提供称职服务。持证者及候证者必须基于自我资格、学养、知识、技能、实践经验和其它相关因素来评估其专业能力去提供服务。

3. 如发觉自我能力不足, 愿意作出努力去把职务转介予业界胜任者。

4. 把工作中的敏感资料保密, 除非:

i. 工作中明显的涉及违法行为; 或

ii. 执法机关下令取得有关信息; 或

iii. 客户或雇主清楚同意发放此等资料; 或

iv. 不公开此等资料将会危害人身安全。

5. 正确使用专业名衔; 对自我的相关学历、工作经验、专业能力和服务水平, 提供真实无误的表述。

6. 对任何宣传、公众声明、相关发表、报价或工作效益的阐述之时,要作出真实无误的表述, 不准包含欺骗成份。

7. 承认和尊重其他人的知识版权, 在自我的工作或研究当中, 以正当的态度去表现出合法合理的行为。

B. “注册树艺师” 在有利益冲突和不当行为之时的责任; 持证者及候证者必须:

1. 在工作上有潜在或实质利益冲突, 或不当行为出现之时, 如实地向客户或雇主披露可能会发生的情况或后果。

2. 回避任何将会导致与客户、雇主、雇员或公众产生利益冲突的行为。

3. 倘有发生与自我利益相冲之时, 确保不会危害客户、雇主、雇员或公众的合法权益,和不会干扰任何专业判断。

4. 不容许采取任何形式含贪污赎职的行为去猎取生意、收取任何利益, 和故意影响专业判断能力。

C. “注册树艺师” 的工作要对公众健康和安全负责; 持证者及候证者必须:

1. 依从合适的工作安全指引来进行其专业活动,切法保护客户、雇主、雇员和公众可能遭受预见的伤害。

2. 在察觉到在工作情况或进行专业活动之时, 可能会发生有造成危害或违反法规的情况下,马上通知相关部门或合适人仕来进行处理。

为向香港、澳门、台湾及中国境内人仕发布以上 “守则”,本分会把中文翻译版本登载于我们的英文博客 ( 和中文博客( 里面。 我们为此要让公众了解到作为ISA “注册树艺师” 在工作表现中应有之专业操守,从而加强对我们行业的信任和尊重。高兴的是,树艺行业作为一个专业, 当今已被世界所认识超过一百年了。

任何人若有怀疑“注册树艺师” 存有专业失当行为之时, 可向 作出检举。 ISA注册行政部门将会进行调查及对违反者采取适当查处,直到吊销执照或诉诸法律制裁等等行动。所有检举都会以保密方式处理。



顾问树艺师号RCA#497 (
资深树艺师 / 注册攀树师号 HK-0174BT (
执业树艺师号 IPA-010908 (



(以上由 “注册树艺师”罗叶明HK-0538A, 和本分会全体委员共同翻译。一切内容以英文版本为准。)


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