Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ISA HK/China --- Requirements for taking ISA exams

Dear Station Members & Public,

Please kindly note the pre-qualification requirements for taking the Certified Arborist or Certified Tree Worker exam.

Currently, ISA HQ is getting many applications which do not qualify for entry. For anyone not meeting the standard, the following message will be issued:

"Unfortunately, at this time we are sending you back your Certified Arborist Application as you do not meet the experience requirement and do not qualify to take the exam. With the information that you provided on your application and verification of work history, that information does not qualify you to become a certified arborist. To qualify, the ISA Certification Board requires candidates to have a minimum of three years of full-time (40 hours per week) experience in arboriculture. Acceptable experience includes the practical use of knowledge involved in pruning, fertilization, installation and establishment, diagnosis and treatment of tree problems, cabling and bracing and climbing.

If you have any questions regarding this important matter please contact a member of the ISA Certification Department by email at or you can contact Sammy Au by email at . "

Please note supplying faked information will lead to dis-qualification even after obtaining the ISA Credentials in future. ISA Cert Dept welcomes anyone supplying information in this aspect. All information will be treated with strictest confidence.

Please take note of this message for anyone applying & pass it along to someone who is not sure.

Thank you very much indeed.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager


Anonymous said...

Important to uphold the credibility of ISA credentials. We support you.

Anonymous said...

Lets not have it "made in China" again.