Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ISA HK/China --- SGF 2008 Expo

Dear Station Members,

Some you have already learned through birds & bees that ISA HK/China will be organizing a delegation to attend the Singapore Garden Festival 2008 Expo (SGF) from July 24 - 26 this year. At least one of our Govt Depts will also send delegates to attend this regional event. Flyer of the SGF is attached in this message & further details can be obtained through the given website.

ISA HK/China will jointly participate into the SGF with TCHK, ETF, Yee Sun Garden, & MCFH by obtaining a 3m x 3m display booth in the Trade Show area of SGF. Any of you attending SGF is most welcomed to drop in for a chat, or leave your baggage there while walking around (no liabilities by anybody if lost or damaged). Messages can also be left at our display booth for liaison or any other purpose.

It is also known that greenery officials from China & Taiwan will attend the SGF by viewing the attached Invitation List obtained by us in Apr 08, although this list may be updated for addition or adjustment by now. Sentosa Island of Singapore is known to be planning to build 2 casinos & 5 hotels, & will require contractors & plant supply from around the region. ETF has already supplied two FCL's of quality trees to Singapore last year & the process has been as simple as importing into HK from China.

Besides being a good occasion for HK plant suppliers & contractors to seek commercial ventures in this land of opportunities in SGF, it will also be a good time to make contact with China & Taiwan buyers for product & service promotion. SGF will be a much easier opportunity to hook them on than for our businessmen to dive into the fierce competition of their local shows with forever price cutting. Singapore market is known for quality requirement, not the cheapest price.

In order to enhance the learning of HK participants into SGF this round, the National Parks Board of the Singapore Govt (Nparks) has very kindly agreed to organize a seminar with site visit on the development of Singapore Greenery with special focus on Tree Planting with details as follows:

Date: Saturday 26 July, 2008

Starting Time: 10am

Agenda: A one hour seminar on Singapore Greenery, to be followed by site visit to study tree planting in streetscape, parks, housing estates, roadside, Heritage Trees, maintenance, etc., & others.

Event Leader: Mr. Oh Cheow Sheng , Asst Director of Nparks

As we can all see, this is no ordinary seminar plus tour for fun, but for serious education with a high ranking official from Nparks for the benefit of the HK people. We should be all very grateful for Nparks's very kind efforts for this arrangement & it will be an event of a lifetime for our serious Tree Lovers. Our public talk so much about Singapore Greenery in community forums & discussions, & this will be an experience not to be missed by those who would like to study & compare the realities with their own eyes. ISA HK/China would urge our Station Members to join in this very special session besides visiting the SGF, & there will be so much to gain with what to lose.

Therefore, SGF this time is an event not to be missed by the serious. The Day Tour is so special that we do not think any public or official organization from our territory can arrange with ease for the knowledge & benefit of our public. Anybody, Station Member or not, is welcomed to contact us for joining.

We wish to thank Nparks again for this wonderful opportunity for ISA HK/China to learn better on Singapore Greenery with depth. Thank you, Nparks.

Looking forward to hear from anyone wanting to come along with us.


Sammy Au
Station Manager

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