Thursday, June 19, 2008

ISA HK/China --- FAQ about SGF 2008 and Day Tour

Dear Station Members & General Public,

So many phone calls have come in since the announcement of the SGF 2008 Expo on Station Mail yesterday that a FAQ list has become necessary to answer popular enquiries to maximize efficiency in ISA HK/China:

1. It is free without cost to join the Day Tour of Nparks on Saturday July 26, 2008, if you have registered with us before July 20. Participants only have to share cost for the transport which is insignificant.

2. We intend to maintain the capacity of attendance on the Day Tour to below 20 persons. However, this is negotiable if more, or groups, would like to attend, if decided worthwhile by ISA HK/China.

3. The Day Tour will be conducted in English only. Translation into Chinese of every word is unlikely in order not to disturb the progress.

4. We would recommend people in our landscape industry to join, be they designers, practitioners, officials, conservationists, suppliers, contractors, or just anybody. However, our public is also welcomed, but they will be told in professional languages & they will have to succumb to our arrangement while in Singapore.

5. Anyone does not have to register with seminars of SGF, before joining the Day Tour on July 26. Anyone is free to go to Singapore as a tourist & just join us on that day. However, you must register with us before July 20 so that we know you are coming.

6. Anyone is free to ask questions during the Day Tour to anybody, but in an orderly & respectable manner, please. Singapore is a country giving order & discipline a priority.

7. We shall not publicly disclose the list of participants of the Day Tour in Station Mail. Those of you who are Civil Servants can rest assured of your privacy. However, you will be seen by everybody during the Day Tour although you do not have to introduce yourselves. ISA HK/China will maintain privacy of all participants whenever required & possible. Please note that while in Singapore, even your blood feuds will have to abide by the laws there. You will be protected.

8. The cheapest & most efficient way to go, if you wish to only browse SGF in general & attend the Day Tour, would be to arrive in Singapore on Friday July 25, look through SGF & then join the Day Tour on July 26, & leave on the last flight to HK in the evening. The cheapest flight now is only around HKD 1500 return & budget hotel would cost HKD 300 a night.

9. Please do not bring any person below 16 years of age along. This is not a family visit but a serious educational tour.

10. You do not have to be a Station Member to join the SGF & Day Tour. Everyone is welcomed. However, anyone joining is assumed to behave in a gentlemanly manner, or you may be requested to leave on the spot if required. ISA HK/China must give our host every respect & honour they deserve.

The SGF & Day Tour is an opportunity for anyone in our territory to clarify myths & questions about the success of Singapore Greenery. Many of our local ' Tree Experts' have delivered talks on Singapore tree planting under their own observation & opinions. However this time, ISA HK/China will be led by a high ranking official of Nparks to explain how theses successes were achieved. You are welcomed to make comparison of the Singapore system with our own, & bring it home to tell others. This will be all good for our own greenery development & this is something nobody in our territory has done in such scale before.

ISA HK/China hopes we have answered most of your queries in a bag. If not, you are welcomed to throw over further questions as we go along. By not evading questions, this is how we make ISA HK/China such an acceptable organization in our territory.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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