Monday, July 9, 2007

ISA HK/China --- Training future Tree Climbers for HK

Dear All,

It is the pleasure & privilege of this Station, with the kind help & guidance of Arbor Global LLC of Hawaii, to be able to train a group of young boys & girls of the Fung Kai No.1 Secondary School to become Recreational Tree Climbers for school activities & public functions in HK. These young boys & girls are aged between 15 - 17 years old & they can truly climb like monkeys. On once speed assessment, the best climbing boy could climb a height of 25 ft & then limb walked 15 ft or so, all in 37 seconds!! This is 3 times the speed of the undersigned who was panting like a dying patient after the race. They are truly magnificent & are in the prime time of their life.

Since these young boys & girls were trained to be Recreational Tree Climbers only, all they have learned were basic climbing skills without rope advancement, redirect, double crotching & pruning. However, if these students were to become working climbers, the necessary training would be really minimal & easy, since they have already mastered the basic skills required.

These students will perform their first Show Climb on 7 July publically in Fung Kai School for the School Speech Day. A free VCD will be produced by the School & issued on request to anyone who is interested to view the event. The Fung Kai Climbing Team will also look forward to any Tree Climbing Contest to be organized by this Station or anywhere else, against experienced tree climbers form Govt & Private organizations in the near future. Who knows one day they may fly the flag for HK in an International Tree Climbing Contest?

The Fung Kai Climbing Team has produced a VCD of their current climbing activities which can be obtained free of charge on demand to anyone who is interested to see their boys & girls in action. Please kindly contact their Head Teacher Mr. CY Chow at for details. Also, anyone who wishes to book these young boys & girls for employment after their graduation in Summer 2007 is also advised to contact Mr. CY Chow for arrangement.

Anyone who wishes to learn Basic Climbing Technique (BTC) is advised to join the BTC training so organized by Arbor Global LLC of Hawaii as per the attached e-mail.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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