Monday, July 9, 2007

ISA HK/China --- Recreational Tree Climbing in Taiwan

Dear Station Members,

Just when some of us may feel to be the lucky few Tree Climbers in the HK/China Region, this Station has recently learned that at least 1,000 no. of recreational Tree Climbers have already been trained up in Taiwan in the past 1.5 years !! For confirmation, please kindly browse into the following websites:

1. Taiwan Times newspaper report ---
2. Taiwan Tree Climbing ---

To this Station, training up over 1,000 Tree Climbers within such a short time is truly an amazing feat. In HK, Tree Climbing is not something encouraged by our Govt & there is no official Tree Climbing training open to public anywhere in our Govt facilities. The average age of our Govt Tree Climbers is currently over 40 (AFCD & LCSD) & it is an offence to climb any tree in our public parks by law in HK. Platform truck & ladder are thought to be able to replace tree climbing for tree work, & Tree Climbers are regarded more like performing acrobats just for fun & show.

The Taiwan Tree Climbing website contains excellent information on the benefit & FAQ of recreational Tree Climbing. It is interesting to learn how many intellectuals & children are learning to climb. Several universities in Taiwan now have their own Tree Climbing Team & wildlife observation at canopy level is a popular event. The website also gives clarification on the myths & fear about getting up high on a tree & who can climb or not. It reported even 90 year old are climbing in the USA ! So, those of you who say 'can't climb', think again.

Tree Climbing has always been a lure in the beginning & an addiction at the end. Every tree has a different geometry & every tree is a challenge to climb. Tree Climbing requires physique, concentration, dedication & determination, such are all good qualities in training our younger generation. Recreational Tree Climbing has always been a favourite past time for Professional Tree Climbers local & overseas. The Station Manager trains the Fung Kai Climbers just for fun without money. Tree Climbing is a fascinating experience & those who have tried would have to agree.

This Staton has been calling the Taiwanese Tree Climbers & are waiting for their reply. By linking up with one another, maybe in the near future, we can cross to each other's land by the short one hour flight, for the mutual benefit & interest of both sides.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

PS: Those of you who wish to try Tree climbing, please come to attend the Climbing Jamboree Family Day at Fung Kai School on Saturday afternoon of 20 Jan., 2007 !! A Tree Climbing demonstration is being requested at the North District Flower Show at Fanling Park from 23 - 26 Dec., 2006. Getting permission from LCSD is now the key, although the organizing committee has already verbally agreed.

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