Thursday, December 18, 2008

ISA HK/China --- Absence of SM and DSM for CSGF 2008

Dear Station Members,

Please kindly be reminded that the Station Manager & Deputy Station Managers will be absent from HK from Dec 25 - 28, 2008, to attend the Inaugural China Southern Green Fair (CSGF, ) in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. For any matter dealing with ISA HK/China, please kindly try to contact them outside this period as communication in CSGF may not be as comfortable as in HK. The mobile no. (+852-9090-6719) of the Station Manger will roam into China & it will be up to the signal there for connection. E-mail is always a challenge in China & please do not be surprised for any black-out throughout.

ISA HK/China has actually greater expectation in CSGF rather than IPM, since CSGF will be attended by the greenery industry of Southern China, which is the intended starting point of our Station due to logistics. ISA HK/China has seen organizations rushing to capital cities like Beijing & Shanghai's to introduce themselves, thinking that by getting to the top, their influence will spread below. The Station Manger has business dealing in China for the past 28 years & has seen various groups wasting resources & manpower for little gain. Since ISA HK/China is run by volunteers without pay but with only enthusiasm & contribution, we do not have extras to give away. Every bullet must hit the target without waste.

Many groups knocking on China's door may not appreciate that the Land of Old Dragons is not full of intellectuals practicing western ideas in their acceptance of anything new. +80 percent of the China population are still peasants. Peasants have to be guided in their own way & in their own language. ISA HK/China has acknowledged the history of political development in recent China & has decided to follow their success rather than forcing dogmatic western approach at once. We shall induce them with a mixture of ISA knowledge, morals, research & traditional Chinese culture to be flushed down with splendid eloquence. We shall see whether this strategy would work or not very soon. If not, we are always flexible & morphological.

Our success in IPM has given us much encouragement in introducing ourselves at the CSGF this time. CSGF has also given us more support by having more seminars & demonstrations than IPM which is primarily a Plant Show. We shall reciprocate their kindness by putting up an even better performance to gain future support & partnership. We always have vision far & beyond.

Looking forward to bringing good news from CSGF to all of you after next week.

We are determined to spread ISA into China like coca-cola, one tree at a time.

best regards,

Sammy Au

Station Manager