Sunday, August 17, 2008

ISA HK/China --- 2008 Research on Therapeutic Tree Climbing

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Dear Station Members,

Attached is the latest research on the therapeutic values of Tree Climbing issued by Tree Climbing Japan (TCJ) in ISA recently. This may be the first research article published by ISA specifically on the emotional & ecological benefits of Tree Climbing so far.

Our Station has positively promoted the physical & mental benefits of Tree Climbing for some time already. Tree Climbing is now officially recognized in Japan as a healthy sport, not only for mental relaxation but also for ecological conservation. The famous Dr. Alex Shigo had emphasized in his Tree Biology series to ' Touch Trees' in order to understand trees. Then what is better to touch trees than to climb a tree?

In Japan, TCJ is the only organization approved by the authorities to climb public trees in parks, housing estates & conservation areas. For any professional climbers, the code for climbing is ' to preserve the tree in its original state or better after the climb'. The meaning of ' better' would mean any dead, dying, diseased or broken branches would be removed during the climb to make the tree healthier & stronger in structure. The TCJ official organizing he climb would have to sign an agreement with the authority in charge of the trees, & be responsible if this code is not observed. We can only wish HK can follow the same & let our CTW take our public to climb & preserve our trees.

HK is full of stresses of all kinds & it is known that Tree Climbing can relieves stresses, build a stronger body & increase our love for nature. No professional tree climber would like to damage any tree, or there may be very few trees left to climb. Only when Tree Climbing can develop in our society with action & examples, our trees would be protected & preserved better by vanguards of genuine Tree Lovers, who would climb trees to preserve trees.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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