Monday, August 11, 2008

IS AHK/China --- HK Tree News (Tree Work Accident in Sai Kung)

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Dear Station Members,

Only last Sunday that the Station Manager has learned of a chainsaw accident on a HYD contractor who cut his forearm & had to be stitched 9 times in hospital, below is another case of Tree Work Accident where the victim had two toes trapped by a fallen limb during a regular pruning exercise. The tow toes were eventually removed & were left behind in his shoe.

From the internet news below, a tree worker climbed to remove a 6 inch limb on a Ficus elastica on 7.8.08 in Sai Kung. While the broken limb did not fall in the desired direction, it was said to be snapped off by the wind to drop right on to his left foot. The edges of the falling limb cut into the canvas shoe of the worker & he lost two toes upon injury. It must have been a horrifying scene there indeed.

Without further evidence available, the following questions could be investigated for the event:

1. Was this worker trained & equipped with proper PPE & Climbing Equipment to do his work?

2. Did he have a plan before his work? Was this plan safe & acceptable by industry standards?

3. Was he cutting with the approved cutting technique?

4. Did he anticipate the risks & prepare for them?

5. Did he follow our CAP 509 OSHO procedures for work & safety?

6. If the answer to any of the above question is no, would the insurance company find an excuse to turn down his claim?

Tree Work is full of risks. It can not be casually performed by someone not properly trained & equipped. If safety rules are not observed, accident is a very probable alternative. International & local incidents have proven this fact again & again.

Yet there are hardly any training centre to offer proper tree work in the public sector besides CICTA & TCHK. Attendance for training is also voluntary. CICTA training also does not involve practical sessions so far as well, like tree climbing & chainsaw operation.

Then now, what should we do?

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

墜枝插鋸樹工人 連鞋帶腳扯斷兩趾

8月6日 星期三 05:10




突颳大風 樹枝砸中腳掌

救護員及消防員接報趕至,先由救護車將傷者送院救治,消防員則爬梯用繩將樹枝固定後,再用鐵筆「連趾帶鞋 」撬出,只見布鞋背面破開一個大洞,隱約可見斷趾。

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