Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ISA HK/China --- ISA Australia e-news no. 42

Dear Station Members,

Please find below the latest e-news from ISA Australia about the ISA Asia Pacific Conference & Tree Climbing Championship held in Brisbane last week.

When the current Sichuan Earthquake mourning is coming to a close, ISA HK/China will produce a more detailed account of our participation in the Brisbane Conference with a call for an Informal Dinner to show videos & pictures so taken during the event. Some of the information can be very educational indeed.

Thank you for your kind patience & God bless all those who are working hard to help the victims in Sichuan.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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****** BREAKING NEWS ******

ISA Asia Pacific Conference:

The ISA Asia Pacific Conference in Brisbane was a fantastic success. 396 registered participants and 63 ATCC climbers and officials participated in the largest and best arboricultural event ever in the southern hemisphere. The conference received lots of positive feedback, while the Tree Climbing Championships got some excellent coverage on Channel 9 and the Courier Mail, as well as turning up our first ever event winner from Hong Kong. Congratulations to LEE Kai Wang for his triumph in the Head to Head Footlock, as well as ISA Asia Pacific Champions Gerard Reynolds and Chrissie Spence, and Australian Champions Richard Kenyon and Jessica Knott.Apologies for the earlier error - Richard Kenyon is the Australian Men's Champion for 2008.Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, and particularly to all the volunteers, that allowed these events to runs so smoothly.

Passport to prizes:

Congratulations to Paul D'Hondt for winning the ISA Asia Pacific Conference Sponsors' Passport to Prizes. It just goes to show that is worth getting around to all those sponsor tents! Paul will be receiving his Tomtom GPS and $150 ISAAC book voucher in the mail soon. Thanks to all our sponsors for their fantastic support in Brisbane, in particular Platinum Sponsors Active Tree Services and Aerial Access.Remember to forward this to other tree care professionals that may find this useful. ISAAC's Internet policy prohibits spam so please only distribute ISAAC E-news to those with a genuine interest.

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