Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ISA HK/China --- Arborist opportunities in Singapore

Dear Station Members,

The Station Manager has learned while in the ISA Brisbane Conference that Singapore is currently in need of experienced Certified Arborists (CA) to conduct Structural Pruning, Installation & Transplanting, Tree Inspection & Risk Management for their 1.3 million urban trees. Singapore can not produce enough CA to satisfy their own demand at present & this is an opportunity for our young CA's who are looking for greener pastures elsewhere to make an adventure of their life.

On the other hand, it was told frankly to the Station Manager that Singapore would only require CA with suitable experience as Practitioners in the field, not designers. Those CA's who are credential collectors & have not gained experience after obtaining credential may not fit the requirement. The Station Manager will do preliminary screening on behalf of our Singapore partners in this aspect. This is because Singapore would hesitate to get someone who is not well versed in carrying out instructions & there is no time to further train overseas CA's for the job never mind their own. Those who are willing to take on the challenge must be ready to go to battle instantly upon employment. Slobs will not be welcomed.

Rather than practising throat-cutting price competition on their contracting work, Singapore would mandate fair prices with on-time payment to their project team to ensure efficiency & quality. Contract dispute is uncommon in Singapore & harmony is much emphasized. This is something that our candidates have to pay attention upon.

The initial arrangement for our CA's to work over in Singapore would be by liaison of the National Parks Board of the Singapore Govt (Nparks) to appropriate employers in Singapore for direct negotiation with the candidates. The contract would be between the Singapore employers & our CA's to work primarily for Naprks projects. This system has worked well in the past for overseas employees & flexibility can be improvised for contingency.

ISA HK/China intends to organize a special dinner to form a delegation to attend the Singapore Garden Festival 2008 Expo (SGF) on July 24 - 26, 2008 with plant suppliers, landscape contractors & tree climbers who are all needed intentionally to boost competition in the Singapore greenery industry. Those CA's who are interested to work in Singapore are also invited to come along for consultation with the Station Manager in this special dinner. Anyone interested please contact the Station Manager by e-mail to reserve a place. This special dinner will be held some time near end May when further information can be collected from Singapore with regard to the visit.

Please view upon this proposal as a special offer to change your life, if you are willing & capable.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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