Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ISA HK/China --- ISA 2007 Glossary translation (Traditional Chinese version)

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Dear Station Members,

A few months ago, ISA HK/China has taken on the mission to translate the ISA Glossary 2007 (Traditional Chinese Version) from ISA HQ as an important step to develop proper tree care in our territory of HK, Macau, Taiwan & China. From this Traditional Chinese Version, our Mainland experts can easily convert it into a Simplified Chinese Version for the benefits of our brothers & sisters in China & South East Asia.

Key members in TCHK & the Station Manager have been actively involved in this translation. We wish to produce a prototype for open discussion in our public Station Mail for our scholars, researchers, practitioners & anybody to input their expertise to make this translation to be as widely acceptable in our territory as possible. There may be no need to emphasize the importance of this translation because all future ISA translations, including exam questions & training, will base on this information. In fact, right after the submission of our agreed version to ISA HQ later, the Station Manager will have to work alone to translate all CTW written exam questions within a designated time frame, so that the CTW program can begin again in our territory. Then there may be the CA exam questions to think about in time to come too. The work may be never-ending.

Therefore, with great enthusiasm from ISA HK/China, all capable Station Members are requested to review the attached draft translation & comment on it when necessary. Please kindly provide your input in a different colour to the existing writing for recognition. ISA HK/China will be most grateful if your contribution can be received before March 15, 2008. After that date, this Station will organise all entries & submit to ISA HQ for their further work.

This translation will mark a milestone in the development of Modern Arboriculture in our vast territory. No work of such magnitude has ever happened before in our local arboriculture for the benefit of our society. With a proper Glossary in our own language, we can begin to translate training & exam materials to expand proper tree care for the benefit of the unknown. According to our estimation, perhaps around 5% of the 1.3 billion population in China have the ability to understand English to the level required in the Certified Arborist/Certified Tree Worker exam. The rest will have to take it in Chinese once we can properly translate them. With China now craving for international credentials to fight for job & promotion, sky is the limit for development in this aspect. All these will hinge upon our Glossary translation.

We wish to thank in advance for anyone wishing to take part in this voluntary exercise. Once set, it can not be easily changed again without massive convulsion in future. Therefore, any early reply will be much much appreciated.

Our sincere thanks indeed to all the capable.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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