Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ISA HK/China --- Tree Vandalism in Aberdeen Street

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Dear Station Members,

Attached newspaper cutting shows a case of Tree Vandalism which would cause tree damage similar to that on a construction site.

An old Ficus in Aberdeen Street was believed to have a Spirit living in it & was turned into an altar with red paint (for good luck?) & incense burning to please the High Command inside day in day out. The incident obviously happened due to ignorance & if the tree really has Spirit in it, logic would advise that the 'House of God' would not like to be smoked & burnt to death by its worshippers day after day. It just does not make sense.

This obvious case of Tree Vandalism has caused several Govt Depts to spend resources & to take action to see into it. In a way, the scheduled programs of the Depts may have been disrupted in order to entertain this public complaint. Other more constructive work to serve & build our society may be postponed so that this highlighted incident can be handled. Then who would lose out in the end? Would it not be us? And it is for what?

A tree functions on its own like the running of a Govt. A tree would make its income by Photosynthesis (taxation), & then use it for Growth (construction), Defense (security), Maintenance (social services) & Storage (finance). If a particular event would require the tree to spend extra effort to focus on something, e.g. a pest outbreak, the tree would then need to divert resources from the other development to fight a course. Then the other sectors of development would suffer.

The same case can be applied for this Tree Vandalism. Resources are now diverted to entertain the complaint, whereas the normal routines of the Depts may be disrupted. This Station would then ask who would be the ultimate victims of the event? And is it justified?

It appears that it is the public who should be educated with proper Arboriculture & Tree Care, not anybody else.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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