Wednesday, January 9, 2008

ISA HK/China --- Topping at Nam Cheong Estate

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Dear Station Members,

The attached newspaper cutting shows yet another case of Topping at Nam Cheong Estate in Shum Shui Po which is receiving outcry from Tree Lovers all over HK. DLO claimed that they would investigate into the incident to see any Tree Interference has been committed with possible breach of Lease Contract.

It is remembered by this Station that not long ago, One Beacon Hill in Kowloon Tong was fined HK$32 million for Tree Interference & the Tree Disturbance case in Leung King Estate appears to be still an unfinished business between the management & DLO up to now. Both incidents have been widely publicised by the media & practically most HK citizens would have heard of the cases one way or another. Would such lessons not be heavy enough to deter further Topping which has been proven all around the Arborist world to be detrimental to our trees? Then why should the public still carry on doing it? Is there something gone wrong with our education ??

As this Station feels most of the time in delivering proper tree care, our Govt Depts appear to be the biggest supporter to protect & preserve our trees, despite what some groups & media would consider. ISA HK/China up to this moment, in spite of our offer to provide free seminars by our CA Family to the public in open broadcast & many invitations sent to various groups, no response has been obtained to invite us for any delivery. On the other hand, various Govt Depts have given this Station opportunities to provide seminars on proper tree care, as well as inviting Arborists to carry out Tree Inspection & Risk Assessment in their jobs. If ISA HK/China is to be Fact-Finding & Truth-Telling as stated in our principles, such actions could only lead us to believe that our Govt is much more positive in offering to protect & preserve our trees rather than what is publicly claimed.

It is funny that Nam Cheong Estate would commit apparent Topping in the current heat of Tree Protection & Preservation. This Station would be interested to learn of their technical explanation in carrying our such a mal-practice to damage those Mature Trees.

In the Arborist world, we say: ' Treatment without diagnosis is mal-practice.'

Did any Arborist inspect the site & provide an Arborist Report before the Topping ? If so, who ??

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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