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ISA HK/China --- Summary of Reviews up to Nov 2007

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Dear Station Members,

A Station Member has called in to request for a list of reviews carried out by this Station from 2006 to 2007. The list is now produced below for the interest of our Station Members to comprehend the research that this Station has carried out so far:

Title Date

1. Review of ' Glossary of Arboricultural Terms 2005 ' by ISA 31.7.06

2. Review of ANSI z133.1 Safety Standard 2006 (Part 2) on Crane Safety 28.8.06

3. Review of ANSI z133.1 Safety Standard 2006 (Part 3) on Chainsaw, Climbing & Pruning 4.12.06

4. Review of ANSI z133.1(2006) Pt. 1 (QA, PPE & Electrical) 14.7.07

5. Review of Basic Tree Biomechanics 25.1.07

6. Review of Cornell University website on tree

7. Review of Dr. Alex Shigo's website address on Tree Biology 24.8.06

8. Review of Dr. Shigo's Tree Biology series 18.10.07

9. Review of ETWB Technical Circular (Works) No. 3/2006 on Tree Preservation 28.6.06

10. Review of LAO's PN no. 7/2007 on Tree Preservation in Private Projects 12.10.07

11. Review of Latest Aerial Rescue Protocol collected from the 2007 ISA International Conference 28.8.07

12. Review of Latest development in Tree Stability Assessment for trees with internal decay 19.2.07

13. Review of New Criteria in Tree Hazard Assessment by USDA Forest Service (USFS) 18.6.07

14. Review of Principles of ISA Tree Selection Method 21.3.07

15. Review of Prof Ed Gilman's website on trees in landscape 10.8.06

16. Review of research on Tree Stability Assessment (TSA) 5.3.07

17. Review of selected literature published by AA 17.5.07

18. Review of the book 'Urban Soils - Applications & Practices' 25.6.07

19. Review of the BS 3936-1 of 1992 ' Nursery Stock --- Part 1 Specification for trees & shrubs ' 18.8.06

20. Review of the BS 4043 of 1989 ' Recommendations for Transplanting Root-balled Trees' 24.7.06

21. Review of the BS 5837 of 2005 'Trees in relation to construction --- Recommendations ' 28.4.06

22. Review of ETWB 2007 Pruning Guidelines 27.9.07

23. Review of Prof Mattheck's ' Tree Bio-mechanics' 15.11.07

Most of the above mentioned reviews are stored in the Station Library as well in Station Blog of for our Station Member to retrieve. Please kindly note the Arboricultural education is an advancing profession. Knowledge of the past may be superseded by updated research accordingly. What was said in former review may be outdated by current research sometimes. It is therefore advisable to stay close to our Station Mail for continuous progress.

Besides the above Reviews, this Station has a collection of hundreds of Station Mail on other topics including HK Tree News & China Tree News in Station Blog. Please check them up at your convenience.

Please kindly contact this Station if any Station Member has any further question in this matter.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manager

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