Monday, September 17, 2007

ISA HK/China --- HK Tree News (Green Power survey on Tree Care)

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Dear Station Members,

An environmental activist group called Green Power recently carried out a survey on the satisfaction level of Tree Care in HK & the report is given in the attachment & in the following link, in Chinese:

According to their survey of 200 people, 70% were unhappy about the current condition of Tree Care in HK & some were demanding for Tree Laws to be enacted to protect our trees. A lot of the responders also did not know which Govt Dept is responsible for which trees in various locations.

What is drawing attention to this Station is that the good Mr. YP Tsang, brother of our Chief Executive His Excellency Mr. Donald Tsang, was also quoted as a positive Tree Lover to support our Tree Care. Mr. YP Tsang was quoted in saying that he has fond memories of the Ficus Trees at where he used to live in Hollywood Road when he was young, & these trees have witnessed his childhood. This Station has identified the potential help of Mr. YP Tsang & will bear in mind to approach him when the opportunity has arisen. We need all help we can get to develop Proper Tree Care in HK indeed.

Research has shown that properly installed trees in a community can lower social resentment & pacify mind. Look at those Big Spreading Trees in Hawaii & those Mature Trees in Singapore. Don't they please even the visitors? Communities well planted with trees tend to have lower crime rate & speedier recovery for patients. Men & Trees have always been one system throughout ages & it may be against our hidden nature to disturb trees.

On the other hand, if trees are not selected, planted, maintained, inspected & assessed for risk properly, they are likely to become a liability rather than an asset. Just look at the number of tree failures in our territory every year as a fact. Many events are not Acts of God. Evidence could speak stronger than words.

The number of Arborists now in our territory is on the rise rapidly & consistently. By this moment, HK/China has 41 Certified Arborists (CA) already. We expect the number to double after the Oct exam next month. HK may eventually possess over 1,000 no. of CA with the popularity it is going & the feedback this Station is receiving. Collecting credential fits into the mentality of our society.

On the other hand, passing the CA exam does not mean a person will become instantly proficient in practicing arboriculture by international standard. There are many legal pitfalls in practising arboriculture & lawyers are like sharks hunting blood. Arborists must be fact-finding & truth-telling to sail safely. By earning the CA credential has only pushed open the entrance door into the world of Arboriculture & there are still many doors to open after becoming a CA. The learning will be life-long & any international Arborist will confirm that.

This Station will carry on developing arboriculture in the proper manner & try to bring in as many allies as possible in due course.

best regards,

Sammy Au
Station Manger

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